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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Tonight's blog post is wishful thinking. I could lie and say I'm due a new winter coat - as we all are, every few years or so - but it was just last winter I bought myself a new super warm and cozy coat. So I definitely don't need a new one right now..BUT a girl can wish, right? Just because I don't need one and, even though I'm still in love with my old one, I can still look at others and lust after them...

Therefore, with the cold nights rolling in, I thought it was time to do a feature on five of the best coats from the high street right now.

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Woman's Cotton Mac, £30.00, Peacocks | Pink Faux Fur Coat, £89.00, Miss Selfridge | Grey Faux Fur Trim Blanket, £24.99, New Look | Reefer Jacket, £29.99, H&M | Premium Sleeveless Duster, £68.00, Topshop 

From left to right, we start with the classic. A lovely versatile brown mac that often reminds me that I wish I had the balls to one day do that whole thing where I turn up at a guys door wearing just a mac coat, heels and nothing else beneath..but alas, the brown mac is a time old classic because it always looks smart and it always looks classy. This number looks like it'll be super warm too and, with the belt, means that it's not quite a shapeless as it may look.

Next up we have the super-glam-over-the-top-blowout-coat. You'll feel like a total diva celebrity in this coat, like a VIP. It's beyond classy, it's the type of coat you can wear with ANYTHING to dress it up. On top of that, it's so fluffy and just imagine how warm it'll be. This isn't a coat for Christmas day, this is a coat for the run up to Christmas and that glam NYE you've always wanted.

The casual cape/kimono is next and again, this one is super versatile. Although it'll keep you warm in the cold weather, I think it's also suitable for the office or lounging around the house. It's that type of kimono you can just wrap yourself up in and almost, almost feel like you're back in the warmth of your bed instead of, y'know, elsewhere like at work or outside or whatever.

From H&M, there's the budget jacket which, like most things from H&M, looks a lot more expensive then it actually is. It's available in a few different colours and although basic, is still really sweet and cute. Pink is really in this season - especially when it comes to winter wear - so I'd definitely suggest this jacket in this particular colour. It's also quite a thick meaning it's practical too.

Finally, we have the super stylish one from Topshop. This long-length sleeveless coat is more about style then practicality but I daren't say as long as your arms are covered, it's probably quite warm too. Available in a sky blue, it'll spruce up everyday wear VERY easily, meaning if you can't be bothered with your outfit one day, you can just wear anything and throw this on over the top to look like you've put a lot of thought into your outfit. It's not cheap, but the price is more then worth it and how much wear you'd get out of it.

So there we have five of the best high street coats this winter (in my opinion anyway), ranging from the budget coat to the super stylish, the overly glam and more. Will you be buying a new coat this winter and, if so, what type will you be going for? Let me know with a quick comment!

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  1. I like the blue one... just a shame about lack of sleeves.
    I need to check if they have full sleeve version too.

  2. I love the sleeveless one and think it would be great layered over a jumper.

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