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Thursday, 17 September 2015


Ever since I was little, I've loved reading magazines, and, as I've grown up, most especially the monthly glossies. As much as I adore blogging, there's always been something so great about settling down with a magazine, physically turning the pages and reading the features and advice pages as if it were all written by a friend. To this day, I can never have a bath unless I have a magazine with me! In the past few years, we've had to say goodbye to some of the best, such as More! Magazine (which I was particularly sad about since I'd had an internship there!) and Company, which I loved because it really tried to embrace the essence of blogging into print and kind of worked too. It makes me sad to think that the rise of online writing might be slowly killing print media, but I do believe there's still hope!

A firm favourite of mine over the years has always been Cosmopolitan, but I will admit, even though I religiously buy it every month, over the past year or so I have found myself flicking through it more and more as opposed to reading. I found the features no longer reached out to me personally and there was always far too much fashion that didn't appeal to me. I have always liked Cosmopolitan though for the fact that it's one of few women's magazines that actually write about real issues.

I was pleasantly surprised to pick up Cosmopolitan this month and see that it has had a little bit of a re-brand! It hasn't changed a whole bunch but with a new editor and some new designs, it has a fresh new look and I have to say I really bloody love it. It still covers the real issues which I adore, but there's a bunch of new features that I'm really loving too.

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Some things I really loved about this issue included the full feature on everyone's girl crush right now - Ruby Rose. It was kind of like a mini guide to achieving her look - not just her fashion sense or her make up, but her overall, including her hair and such. I thought this was pretty cool and think this idea would go well. Some ladies I'd love to see featured within this, er, feature, would include Millie Mackintosh (who oozes that super classy look) and Taylor Momsen (my personal punk rock queen).

Another feature I loved was a page all about sprucing up your work desks, including some lovely desk products. I haven't seen this in magazines before and I can't think why, considering most ladies magazines are aimed at young professional ladies. Plus, we all love stationary.

The work out fashion and plus size fashion were firm favourites of mine too. Plus size fashion is always a good thing in my books (er, magazines rather), and as always, it's refreshing to see some lovely clothes aimed at people of all sizes. The work out fashion was very cool in my eyes, we all want to look good when we work out (well we want our outfits to look good) and I personally find that shopping for cute sports clothes really motivates me to actually go and put it on and work out.

Fashion wise, I loved the guide on how to wear a gilet. Not a bunch of pages displaying the nicest gilets around, but an actual guide on how to wear it. Thank you fashion gods, you've just made one of winter's biggest trends a hell of a lot easier for a loser like me. 

Also, Caroline Flack as a cover star. The woman irks me for some reason, but I love how down to earth she is and how she's not Kim Kardashian or Jodie Marsh. Not that I could ever imagine Cosmo featuring Jodie Marsh as a cover star, but you get my point. Out with the ladies who are famous for, well, nothing much really, and in with the real cool inspiring woman who we should all be looking up to.

Although I haven't spoken about any real issues that are new in this months issue, it's because despite all these really cool new parts, real issues have always been included in Cosmopolitan luckily. These new things that they've decided to write about have just put some more fun back into the magazine and made it more of a pleasure to read again! It's refreshing and I think with so many magazines giving up, it's a sure fire way to keep my favourite woman's monthly going.

Have you read this months issue of Cosmopolitan yet? What do you think? Let me know with a comment!

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