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Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Tonight's post is a tad different as I'm talking about an event that takes place very close to home for me. It's an event that has slowly become tradition to attend among my family and friends, a day that we all group together and attend together annually, perhaps even twice a year if we can.

I will always have fond memories of a few years ago when my dad mentioned to me in passing that Dunstable had a music event on and, since my mum worked in Dunstable, maybe we should head down a little early to check it out before picking my mum up from work. As it goes, that particular event was Dunstable Rocks, the rock music themed day of Party In The Park. We had so much fun that my mum joined us after work and thus a tradition was born.

Each year, Dunstable holds a few of these events, usually themed around different music genres. The day is a way to bring the community together with food, music and sunshine. At first glance, it might seem like an excuse to just get drunk in the sun. And sure, we do definitely have a few when we attend. But this year in particular tried to make the event as a whole more family friendly, by having designated areas for families only where alcohol was not allowed.

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As well as talented music - from unsigned local bands to slightly famous bands headlining - there's also always a delicious variety of food on offer and activities too, such as a fair, some craft stands etc. The music itself is always great - there's a real mix of new talent as well as tons of anthems you can sing along to.

It's such a popular event that it always surprises me that it took so long for me and my family to discover it. It's right up our street and now every year me and my friends head down early with a blanket and food to find the perfect spot, with family joining us later.

Although to some it might just seem like, well, just a party in the park, it is a lot more than that. It's hugely popular among families and over the years it has certainly left me with so many great memories. It's the perfect way to get out of the house on a hot day and sit back to enjoy the music. With such a great atmosphere, it's without a doubt one of my favourite summertime activities.

So if you're ever running out of ideas of things to do in the summer, definitely consider Party In The Park!

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