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Monday, 10 August 2015


Last Saturday, me and my bestie headed down to London for a Summer Boat Party - Rock The Boat - with Original Dating! Original Dating are London's number one speed dating company, offering a variety of events to get London's singletons mingling - from stereo speed dating, quiz dating and more. There's something for everyone and so when they offered me and my friend a place at one of their events, we couldn't help picking their boat party.

It had been my friends birthday in the week so although I picked her up a few goodies, her main present from me was a day out in London - the boat party followed by some yummy food at Bubbledogs. So on Saturday we dressed appropriately for the weather and impressively for the boys and boarded The Golden Sunrise for an afternoon of mingling.

With the age range being rather varied and having never been to this type of event before, I really didn't know what to expect. I wasn't going along in the hopes of finding the love of my life but as someone who really enjoys dating, I was looking forward to trying something new. Speed dating is something I think everyone should try at least once in their life, if even just for a laugh or to say that they've done it.

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Upon boarding we each received a lock (which would help as an ice breaker/excuse to approach someone), ordered a few drinks for dutch courage and then headed downstairs (albeit very dangerously - carrying two drinks down some stairs with a boat that's swaying isn't easy and it only got harder throughout the afternoon with the more tipsy we got) for the speed dating session we booked ourselves in for.

What an experience! You all know the deal - we had about three minutes with each guy before they moved on - and it was definitely exciting/tough trying to make a good impression in such little time. For someone who's actually quite shy I really enjoyed it and enjoyed trying to come out of my shell a bit. Although I didn't meet anyone I particularly clicked with, by the end all of us 'youngsters' had already agreed to find each other later on.

The rest of the afternoon was spent mingling on the upper deck of the boat in front of some beautiful landmarks of London. It was rather fun going up to random guys to ask if their keys fit in our locks but it definitely broke the ice. I ended up with two matches with this approach although I didn't click with them! However we did leave the event having made some friends and matches with guys we'd spoken to throughout the time on the boat.

As a whole, I thought the event was a great idea! By holding it on a boat it gave the whole idea of speed dating a real classy twist and there was a great mix of people there. The ice breakers were a great idea and I think as long as you take it all with a pinch of salt, it'll be impossible not to enjoy yourself at this type of event. It's a fab way to meet new people & potential dates, as well as a sure fire way to give yourself a confidence boost.

Overall, did it work? Yes! I have been talking to a couple of people since - one that has already asked me out on a date - and we also made a few friends on the day too. We arranged an after party but had to skip out on that personally as Bubbledogs was calling...

You can find more about these type of events and what else Original Dating have to offer around London on their website here.

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