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Monday, 20 July 2015


The other night I found myself flicking through the channels on TV, waiting for another movie to star that my brother had recommended to me. I wasn't much looking forward to it because apparently said horror movie didn't make much sense, so when I caught Jeepers Creepers just starting, I couldn't help but settle down to watch that instead for about the thousandth time. It was a film I'd seen plenty of times growing up but not so much in recent years, so I just had to watch it. I found myself surprised to find that it's still scary and creepy now, fifteen years on!

It got me thinking about all the other movies I'd grown to love as a teenager, even the ones that weren't so good compared to these days standards but were constantly on TV nonetheless. These were the films that fuelled my desire for horror movies, building me up to the gorier stuff and making me more braver with each movie. They were the movies that tapped into my innocent lust filled side - the couples like Violet & Kevin (Coyote Ugly) that I shipped way before shipping was a thing, hoping that at the end of the movie they'd just kiss - no sex, no problems, just a simple kiss and happy after (a sure reflection for something I hoped for myself at that age). I loved the relationships formed in the horror/action movies, the small romance side storylines that saw two people who clearly digged each other go on some epic adventure or survive a zombie apocalypse to fall in love at the end.

Forgive me if I think not many movies are like that these days!

So here's to those movies, the ones I'd watch with butter popcorn late on a Friday night when I was too young to go clubbing, happy and content snuggled beneath a blanket and hoping that one day I might grow up to star in my own similar movie, fighting off ghosts and living happily ever after...

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SAVE THE LAST DANCE made me want to learn how to dance - properly and, more importantly, in a cool way, and helped open my eyes to some issues of racism that I hadn't quite understood at that age. I felt this film was a tad different from the other typical teen movies because it tackled some really interesting issues, like how Sara and Derek's peers react when they become a couple. I still hate Julia Stiles as an actress to this day, but this is the one of very few films I can tolerate her in...

JEEPERS CREEPERS is a film that just reminds me of feeling so brave watching these types of films as a teenager. Justin Long was kind of cute in this, but part of this film still creep me out now.

COYOTE UGLY again made me want to dance, but this time on top of a bar. It made me want to work in an uber cool bar with little to no rules, where I could dance about wildly on tabletops and spray water at pervy men. As it goes, I later learned that working in a bar in real life was far from the movie, but I am well aware that bars like this DO kind of exist and I WILL one day go to one.

SCREAM doesn't really need much saying about it. Ghostface was one of the most iconic villains when I was a teenager, and also one of the most popular Halloween outfits. The Scream series are still hands down some of the best slasher movies I've ever seen. This is the type of film that will always remind me of getting lots of popcorn and WKD and watching with my friends one night, gossiping and getting scared.

NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE is, ironically, one of the biggest teen movies ever, although I never remember much of this film. This is the type of film I'd always catch clips of when flicking through channels and to this day I don't think I've ever seen it all the way through. But I am WELL aware of that whipped cream scene involving Chris Evans...

SCARY MOVIE is much like Not Another Teen Movie, in that it parodies lots of teen movies, although, obviously, horror teen movies. I don't remember much of this one either except I think this is the one I used to watch with my best friend a lot and we used to always laugh at the 'tiny winkie' dick pick..

AMERICAN PIE is still one of my favourite teen movies and made me want to have a group of friends like the ones from these films - they were crazy, sure, and a little sex obsessed, but they had some great adventures together and were always there for each other too. As it goes, I did grow up to have the best friends ever, although our adventures have been a bit more PC then the ones in these movies. Sort of. For the most part.

SHE'S ALL THAT was one of the best teen movies ever, even though it's ever so corny, who can honestly say they didn't fall in love with Freddie Prince Jr after seeing this or start listening to Kiss Me? This film was the typical storyline of a plain looking girl who no one ever looks twice at getting the boy, and was probably most realistic to me on a personal level because I used to always feel like the ugly girl or plain looking girl, wishing I could have an amazing makeover and make the hottest boy in school fall in love with me. I'm extremely happy as I am now of course and this film taught me that looks aren't everything anyway...

Finally, DATE MOVIE is actually a movie that I saw on my first ever first date! We arrived late and had to watch the second half of the movie, staying in the screening to watch the first half afterwards which was fun. So, ironically, Date movie really was a date movie for me. This probably isn't the best of teen movies, but it's certainly up there with the top parody ones!

What other teen movies do you remember growing up? Do you miss them as much as I do or do you think they're all really dated now? Let me know...

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