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Thursday, 25 June 2015


I'm currently six episodes into my Netflix binge of Orange Is The New Black and it's got me thinking about some of my favourite TV shows that ended way too early, deserved more episodes or that I just really bloody miss. It's the worst thing in the world when a TV show gets cancelled because you end up feeling so lost and simply don't know what to do with your life. Who cares if there was nowhere else to go with the show?!

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The Fifth Kingdom was a firm favourite in my household when growing up. A grown up and more modern take on different fairy tales, this quirky show incorporated some of the classics such as Sleeping Beauty and Jack and the Giant Beanstalk to make one completely original story line that took place over ten episodes. I genuinely thought there was so much more that could be explored with this story and really, really miss this show. It's probably a bit dated now, but it's always been a childhood favourite of mine! I also totally had a bit of a crush on Wolf. #Sorrynotsorry.

Okay so Scrubs may have run for nine seasons but it was because it was SO BLOODY GOOD and I miss it SO BLOODY MUCH. This show took humour, romance and pretty much a bit of everything and added it to a kind of dark and slightly morbid theme which was doctors working in a hospital. Obviously this black comedy featured a lot of sad story lines, but they managed to tug at my heart strings really damn well. Every single episode had a message behind it and this show had some awesome soundtracks. Also, JD and Elliot are my ultimate OTP and always will be.

The Returned is a French horror/thriller series about people that come back from the dead. It's extremely intriguing and will keep you on your seat the whole time - each episode has turn after turn without actually answering any mysteries - which is why we need a new series ASAP. I NEED TO KNOW THE ANSWERS. I think a second season has been confirmed but c'mon guys, it's been like three years since the first season was broadcast, plz hurry up.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Entertainment | TV Shows that need to come back ASAP; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; TV Shows; Threesome
I caught Threesome broadcast one late night on Comedy Central and fell in love with this show immediately. It's a comedy that followed three friends trying to raise a baby conceived one night when they had a threesome. The show was about Alice and Mitch who were a couple living with their gay best friend, Richie, who ended up getting Alice pregnant during their threesome. The three friends were the least likely people to become parents ever, and the show was absolutely hilarious. The proposal scene is comedy gold. I've been ever so gutted that they never continued this show because it was a real gem that unfortunately was never as popular as it should have been. I also had a total girl crush on Amy Huberman who played Alice - she's hilarious and could definitely give Lena Durham a run for her money...

Lost In Space is actually my Dad's contribution to this list, I've never even heard of it and have only seen the film with Joey from Friends and that awesome theme song but hey, apparently a lot of people want this show to come back he says and it has a cult following. Having a mooch on Wikipedia, it's quite an old show so I suppose half you readers probably weren't even born yet when it was broadcast but hey, this entry is for Dad.

These are just some shows I'd KILL to come back soon, even though The Returned may or may not actually be coming back but still. What I'd give for just one more fix of each of these shows, if even to know how all the characters ended up. It makes me sad to see other shows having such a long run that they don't deserve, whereas these gems will never grace our TV screens again *sob*

If there was one show you'd kill to see return, what would it be?! Let me know with a comment!

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  1. I love OSDNB. I am currently on episode 7.

    1. Of what series? I'm on the newest series, it's so good :) x

  2. House! House! House!

    *ahem* Sorry, was that a bit too enthusiastic? I've actually still got one season left to watch, I started it at the beginning of this year and have been slowly stringing it out because I'm SO not ready for it to be over. Also FlashForward (so many things left unanswered!) and Heroes, to go for probably a popular choice. I'd say Firefly as well, but, I don't know any more... it's probably been too long now!

    The Returned sounds like it could be the basis for a new American show of the same name? I've been watching that and it's really good, so I'd be interested to know if they are very similar or not.

    1. I've never actually seen House! Please don't hate me! It didn't really seem like my type of thing but everyone raves about it so maybe I'll consider it! Heroes I still need to get into when I get the chance and Firefly I need to get into too but I was actually going to add that to this list!

      I'm not sure, I'll have to check out the American one I wasn't aware there was one! x

  3. I too am eagerly waiting for the return of The Returned. That show is absolutely amazing, and as daft as that may sound, I miss the characters when a show isn't on anymore. As Rhiannon said, there is an American version of The Returned. I haven't watched it, as I'm still hopeful that the French version comes back to our screens. I do wonder if they have kept true to the original.

    Have you seen Orphan Black? That's really, really good.

    Scrubs is one of my favourite shows, and I can watch the entire series over and over and never get bored with it.

    I can't seem to think about one that I want to return at the moment, I'm sure it willl come to me though, but I agree that sometimes some shows don't deserve to be on TV, and yet they do. What a shame.

    1. The Returned was so good and gripping. The only thing that annoyed me was nothing ever got answered or cleared up - so I hope we get some answers in the next series!

      I agree, I miss the characters from Scrubs SO much! Orphan Black is pretty cool too, I need to start on the second season x


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