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Wednesday, 17 June 2015


I am cursed blessed with having thick hair. Something my sister always tells me she's jealous of, I have thick healthy locks which apparently many girls would die for. Unfortunately for me, the thickness of my hair means it's almost impossible to style. Curls fall out within hours, any bed-head look attempt just makes me look like I've been dragged through a bush backwards and don't even get me started on fishtail plaits...

I'm also not the best at styling because I always fail majorly. Whilst my sister doesn't have thick hair, she does however have the ability to just push her hair to one side, shove in some pins and make a messy side-do look pretty bloody amazing. So. Jealous.

There is one product I'm really digging lately though that seems to have been made for ladies like me and that's Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturing Spray. I picked up a mini bottle before heading on holiday to Tunisia earlier this year - it was one of those impulse buys in boots where I deemed a mini hair travel pack with the spray, shampoo and conditioner far too cute to not buy even though I didn't actually need it. But hey, I figured it would be nice to style my hair after being on the beach.

This product was really beneficial for me not only on holiday but many times since. It's so easy to use; you don't need to curl or do anything to your hair before hand, you simply spray your hair, scrunch it up or twist it or just run your fingers through it roughly and immediately it gives your hair volume or gives you a loose wavy look.

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Loose/wavy curls
It's perfect for me when I'm running late in the mornings and I'm bored with my hair just being straight. Occasionally I'll use my hair straighteners on a few random bits of hair to curl it, then loosen the curl just so some parts of the hair are a tad more wavy then the others but it's really not necessary.

Although this product certainly isn't a life changer, it's a perfect lightweight styling spray for lazy days, loose waves and thick hair.

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