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Sunday, 21 June 2015


When I was a teenager - suffering through those emotional angst filled years and swearing off any music that wasn't rock music - I swore that when I was old enough, I'd never, ever go clubbing. Back in the day, I never really saw the point in getting drunk and dancing around to too loud music that I'd never enjoy.

That all changed when I was old enough of course and although now I prefer to just have general nights out with my friends rather then going 'clubbing', I can definitely understand the whole idea behind Regression Sessions - a new club night aiming to make clubbing more fun and less, well, just dancing. Although I love letting my hair down and dancing the night away (so cliche, sorry), most of my favourite memories of nights out with friends have been hilarious conversations outside in smoking areas or simply just having a laugh with the best company and getting up to the most random things.

So when I heard about a night that mixed both of these things - good music and bonkers things to do (couldn't really think of a better way to explain that!), I didn't waste anytime in booking tickets. With a promise of a night offering a bouncy castle, a ball pit room (yes, you read that right. AN ACTUAL BALL PIT ROOM. FOR ADULTS ON A CLUB NIGHT. I used to bloody love these as a child), photobooths, a space hopper room and more, myself and some friends headed down to London Friday night in search of an entirely random and fun night.

We were not disappointed. 

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Photobooth fun 
First of all, the music actually was really, really good. There were a mixture of rooms on offer from drum and bass to dance anthems and I had a lot of fun singing along to some of my favourite tunes, dancing on the tables and bouncing on space hoppers in one particular room. This room was so, so busy and sweaty...but in a good way.

The ball pit room was beyond fun and we also managed one quick squeeze into the photobooth. My only concern about the whole night was that me and my friends turned up tipsy and, considering none of us have the best sense of direction anyway, found it near impossible to find half the rooms. There was so much on offer that we actually couldn't even find the inflatable petting zoo or giant spin the bottle. SOB.

I would totally suggest Regression Sessions provide a map for their next event.

Being unable to pull hotties during giant spin the bottle games aside, we had a lot of fun. The atmosphere was upbeat and silly and amazing - we could let our hair down and dance, we could chill in the ball pit room (often just lying among them all, having a giggle) and make new friends outside. It was so fun and my type of night by far. I'll always have a childish streak in me so to be able to actually have some genuine silly fun on a night out was a welcome change for me.

The event itself sold out in due time and although it was really, really busy, there was no trouble and everyone seemed to all be in the same frame of mind - just wanting to have a laugh and a bit of fun. I would have liked it to be a little more exclusive as because it was so busy, we didn't have a chance to get on the bouncy castle or partake in some activities such as the glitter bar. I think it would be fun if they hosted this event on a smaller scale but it's success was well earned. I suppose with an event so quirky, we should have really expected it to be busy and next time will make sure to visit some of the more of the popular activities earlier on in the night before they get too busy.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Regression Sessions | Putting the fun back into clubbing; Inspire Magazine Online; Inspire Magazine; Regression Sessions
The ball pit was pretty fun too...!
I'm already really excited to attend the next club night and I'm glad I dragged myself and my willing friends into London for this. I wouldn't head into London for any other normal club night so this was well worth the journey. Only next time, we think we'll book ourselves into a Travelodge for the night so that we can stay until it's closing time of 6am!

If you want a night that includes dancing but also lots of silly fun, then this is for you. Even if clubbing isn't really your thing (even if it never was), perhaps this will change your mind.

Regression Session's next event will be in Birmingham on the 3rd of July, but they also have upcoming events in London including a Notting Hill Carnival Special and simply another club night like the one I attended on Friday. Tickets are on sale from just £5 depending on how early you get them.

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