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Saturday, 27 June 2015


The other night I finally got around to seeing Insidious chapter 3 (with a snuck in can of Kopparberg to help with my nerves) and NEVER AGAIN. Let's just say I couldn't sleep that night...

I've always loved the Insidious films, from their old school horror style (the loud violins and opening title is a nod to classic horror movies) and their lack of special affects to make something that is genuinely really spooky and disturbing. It's refreshing to see a horror movie go back to basics and I absolutely loved how well the sequel tied in with the first one, I thought it was very very smart.

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I had high hopes for number 3 but being that it's a prequel, I wasn't sure how good it would be since it was moving away from the story line we know and instead focusing on mainly new characters. However, I was pleasantly surprised. It still dealt with the same kind of basis that people can travel into the darkness or 'the further' and spirits can latch onto someone to stay there, but this film was much spookier and dealt with a whole other demon (the man who cannot breathe).

This film focuses around a girl called Quinn Brenner (played by Stefanie Scott), who gets in touch with Elise Rainer (Lin Shaye) because she wants to make contact with her recently deceased mother. Cue lots of emotion on my part, kind of wish I'd known this before going to see this film considering I've recently lost my mum too. I suppose in some ways this meant the film hit me in ways that it probably wouldn't in other people and I really, really felt a connection to Quinn and could understand what she was going through, feeling so lost and just wanting some sort of sign that her mum was still around. I didn't expect Insidious 3 to be emotional in that sense but it was, and I felt they captured what this girl was going through really well as opposed to just using this part of the story line as a platform to the rest of the story line.

We soon find out that Quinn has been trying to make contact with her mother for a while but instead of course makes contact with someone else. Spooky or what. Freaky stuff soon starts happening (which required me to hide behind my hands half the time) all whilst her Dad, played by Dermot Mulroney (DILF), tries to manage looking after his family alone now and trying to protect his daughter.

The story line is real interesting and genuinely seemed really realistic and believable. I loved that Lin Shaye's character returned for this film too (even though returned probably isn't the right word to use since it's actually a prequel) and thought she was pretty badass. New characters, Quinn and her dad, Sean, were quite cool too and their parts were played excellently. I liked how Quinn portrayed being a teenager, taking some typical traits like being a blogger and taking photos of her breakfast, but not constantly throwing tantrums like teenagers are often portrayed as in films. Dermot Mulroney played his part super well which is surprising because starring in a horror movie is a much different role to what he usually plays.

The only thing I felt the film fell short on was 'the further' which seemed a tad less scary this time around. I'm not sure why, it's just when characters were travelling through that, it didn't seem or even look as scary as it had in the previous films so most of the scares took place elsewhere.

This film offered a lot of scares and jumps and I think that's why I love the Insidious series. James Wan and Leigh Whannel (who actually stars in the film too), always manage to build up the suspense really well but also manage to get the audience jumping in places when they least expect it. I'm so glad they both returned to write and direct this film, although Leigh wrote and directed this one as opposed to James Wan directing, who instead just produced this one. They both work well together.

The film sets up the whole Insidious genre really well and we also see the beginning of how Elise finds and begins her paranormal project (for lack of a better word) with sidekicks Specks and Tucker, introduced in this first film.

But, if you're not a geek like me and don't care much about any of that, this film is still at it's very basis a genuinely really scary film with a few touching moments and even some funny parts too. I wouldn't recommend seeing it if you're prone to getting scared easily (unless you like that, like me) but other then that I'd say it's definitely worth going to see.

I know I said I'd NEVER SEE IT AGAIN because it was so damn scary (I ran from my best friends car to my front door and switched every light on when I got in) but it's just that good that I'd probably psyche myself up to watch it again, just never, ever alone..

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  1. I love all the old school horror films, and love a good scare. I've seen the first 2 films, and even though I will probably be scared out of my mind, I really want to see this one.

    On another note, I'm very sorry for your loss.


  2. Thank you.

    Well then you'd definitely like this one! It's just as good as the first two!



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