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Saturday, 13 June 2015


Last Halloween, I decided to give myself a challenge to watch a bunch of crappy horror movies I had sitting around my room for no particular reason. Back in the days of being a student, I'd often spend afternoons mooching around the horror movie section of HMV or CEX, buying cheap b-list horror movies not because they were good but because they were cheap, gave me something to do and because I just love any horror movie. 

It got to a point where I didn't even mind watching crap movies because sometimes they were so bad they'd be funny. Some films I'd watch with my boyfriend at the time, making out during the really boring parts, others I'd watch tipsy with my friends in between gossiping sessions. Even the bad ones I kind of liked in a messed up way.

There were a ton I never got around to watching however, so I set myself a challenge to watch and review them, just for fun. Also, in case anyone was thinking of watching a crap horror movie just because they were bored and wanted to see if it was even worth two uninteresting hours of their life. Now some of you will never have to waste that time!

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It took me a while to watch them all because, well, I'm a single pringle so often ended up watching them before going to sleep as opposed to drunk with my friends or with hot boys (I know, I feel sorry for me too). But I did it, in the end. It only took me, like, six months. Eeek. That's bad, I'm sorry. That's what happens when you commit yourself to watching movies you know are going to be bad. It's really hard to find the motivation. 

You can see all the reviews here.

So how did the movies rank altogether? Well, Night Of The Living Dead, Boogeyman and Black Christmas all scored the most with 4.5 out of 5. This didn't surprise me, although in hindsight Night Of The Living Dead I found to be a little boring, but I think I chalked up the points a little because it is a classic overall. Black Christmas I've actually seen a few times before and would watch again. It's one of those movies that aren't up there with the most amazing horror movies, but still hold your attention throughout and you can't help but watch every few years or so, much like Scream! Boogeyman I'd most definitely watch again too.

I rated The Amityville Haunting as the worst and I still stand by that scoring. Though it wasn't boring, it was extremely cliche and corny with terrible acting. Saying that, these points made it pretty damn humorous and the award of the stupidest but funniest b-list horror movie would most certainly go to this one.

Films like Rubber, The Pact, Episode 50 etc are all films that would be personal preference with scores pretty much in the middle. I'd suggest watching them all at least once, but couldn't tell you how much or how little you'll actually enjoy it.

Boogeyman was probably the spookiest (The Pact being the second spookiest) with Black Christmas being the most gruesome. Rubber was the most thought provoking, Fear Dot Com was the most bonkers and made no sense and both Boogeyman and Episode 50 were the best for eye candy cause they both had kind of hot dudes in them. Hidden I remember the absolute least about (even though it was kinda bonkers too and did hold my attention throughout) and The Amityville Horror was the most disappointing (as I had real high hopes for this) and also the most hilarious.

Best to watch with friends - Black Christmas
Best to watch with your other half - Boogeyman
Best to watch with your family - Rubber (just so you can be all like, 'hey, I can find cool indie films to watch and pretend I understand them')

Anything else is best watched alone or with a hot guy so you can just make out when the boring stuff happens.

Here's the list in order of highest scoring to lowest!

Black Christmas - 4.5/5
Boogeyman - 4.5/5
Night Of The Living Dead - 4.5/5
Rubber - 3/5
The Pact - 3/5
Deadtime - 2.5/5
Episode 50 - 2.5/5
Hidden - 2.5/5
Fear Dot Com - 2/5
The Amityville Haunting - 1.5/5

So there you have it - the completed b-list horror movie challenge! Now, if you ever want to watch a cheap horror film, hopefully you'll know which ones are worth it and which ones not to bother with! Have you ever seen any of these movies? Let me know with a comment...

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P.S To read all the reviews in full, check out the Horror Movie Challenge tag for more posts!

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