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Monday, 25 May 2015


I saw the movie Two Night Stand being advertised on iTunes recently, when I was browsing for something new to watch with the gift voucher I'd been given for Christmas. I love romcoms but wanted one that was a little different and less cliche, as well as something upbeat and funny. And so I chose to watch this, a film that, to me anyway, had a pretty original story line.

Two Night Stand is a modern comedy about two strangers who hook up and, after the awkward morning after encounter, get snowed in and are forced to spend the day together. It kind of reminded me of The Pill in that sense. Among the awkwardness of the day and the way the characters have to learn to get on, we also see them sensing the opportunity to pick apart what went wrong the previous night and re-do the one night stand in some sense.

My favourite part of this film was probably how realistic and modern it was. It wasn't a cliche love story where boy meets girl in some meet cute and they immediately fall in love. The whole film begins with  Analeigh Tipton's character - Megan - being stuck in a rut. She's unemployed, single and spends most of her days lazing around using the laptop (hands up how many of us sound exactly like this?!). She joins a dating website and after being pushed to get back out there, decides to head over to Alec's place (Miles Teller) for a one night stand. 

I love that she's the one initiating it - there's no slut shaming or judging, just praise for a girl wanting to have a bit of fun. She's safe about it too, getting him to facetime her rather then just meeting up with a complete stranger with no precautions in place. The part where they pick apart the previous night is also pretty refreshing too, if a little bold. Praise her character for hands up admitting that sometimes it's damn hard for girls to orgasm and that we sometimes do have to fake it, and as a girl, listening to what his character had to say was quite eye opening too. I mean, it's just a movie and I get that no guy is exactly the same but still. Boys and girls can definitely learn from this movie.

There was a supporting story line in the form of Megan's best friends and this was simple but sweet. It didn't over rule the main story line and although we didn't see much of it, it was enough. Jessica Scohr and Scott Mescudi (that's actually Kid Cudi to me and you - the same dude that wrote Pursuit Of Happiness, that awesome track from Project X which also stars Miles Teller) were great in their supporting roles.

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But Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton stole the show, playing their parts perfectly. I was surprised to see Miles Teller in a proper romcom role and might have a small crush on him now and I bloody loved Analeigh Tipton. How her character looked so good snowed in after a one night stand I don't know. Her lazy clothes looked cute, and her hair somehow looked great but still realistic (from curly to wavy to loose waves etc).

All in all, it was a romcom at the end of the day but it was definitely a bit different. It was heartfelt but funny, refreshing and eye opening. It had a fun soundtrack too and I'd definitely recommend it, I think even guys will like this. And the trailer only covers the very basis of the film - there's a lot more that happens so it's worth a watch!

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  1. This film sounds awesome! I love the non traditional boy meets girl approach. I'll deffo have to see this!


  2. This movie is one of my favorites, loved it from the beginning to the end xx

    Celia from Brand Of Beauty


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