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Sunday, 31 May 2015


On Wednesday I finally got around to seeing the Poltergeist remake and I'm afraid to say I was kind of disappointed. As as standalone film - as in, not a remake, and if you haven't seen the original - it was okay for your average modern horror movie. It had a few scares and an underlining creepy story line, as well as one or two witty jokes in the film.

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But being that I'm a huge fan of the original, I was hugely disappointed and often I end up actually quite liking modern remakes of cult classics. I usually love the more up-to-date twists added to the newer films, which is why I really liked the new Nightmare on Elm Street film for example. But I just couldn't understand the direction they were going for with Poltergeist. They missed many important or most of my favourite scenes from the original, and made too many changes whilst still keeping exactly the same story line with exactly the same ending. 

I didn't understand the point of that - fair enough, we don't want the whole film to be exactly the same so some things had to be added or changed, but unfortunately some of the scenes that were removed were the scenes that really made the original. For example, it was the lighthearted scenes that see the mother and the daughter almost playing along with the poltergeist at first that gave the original it's sentimental moments and helped not only build up the horror but also establish one of the most important strands of the story, which was a mother and a father losing their daughter. Unfortunately the remake didn't really tug on my heart strings the way it should have done and left me thinking the film lacked a lot of character. It just blended into any other Hollywood movie created to scare teens these days.

However, if we're pretending that the film is just a film - not a remake, not trying to live up to the original, then I'd say it's not bad. The fact that the film is, at it's very basis, simply a haunted house movie, means it's already a winner in my eyes. Simple ghost story lines are so rare to come across these days with so many films relying on blood and guts to scare people, so to be scared by such a basic story line is always a good thing. And, it does have it's moments. There are parts that made me jump and there were most certainly parts that did creep me out a little.

Saying that, there weren't really any boring parts of the movie either. As in, if you were going to see this on a date, you probably wouldn't find any parts that you can ignore to make out instead. It did hold my attention throughout.

The acting was spot on and surprising in a sense that there were only really a couple of big names in this film. Sam Rockwell played his part really well and I think the little kid that played Griffin Bowen could quite easily go onto bigger things - I thought he was a really good actor for such a young age.

So overall, I'd say whether or not it's worth seeing this film would depend on what you're planning to see it for. If you enjoyed the original like me, then I wouldn't bother. If you haven't seen the original or just want to watch a general horror movie, I'd say it would be worth it but it's nothing amazing. There are better horror movies you could spend your money on.

Considering the way the film turned out - much like the original, but again, a lot, well...not - I'd suggest this film would have been better as a sequel or a standalone horror film.

Given the lack of huge scares but the still creepy story line, I'd say it's best viewed on a date. Scares that you can laugh about afterwards are a lot of fun with a group of friends, but again there are probably better films out there right now to achieve that effect. If you're after a slightly scary and a little jumpy first date movie, then this might be for you.

Have you seen the new film yet or are you planning to give it a miss? Let me know!

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