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Friday, 29 May 2015


Considering I finally watched the new Poltergeist movie last night and will soon be popping up a review, I thought it would be fitting to do a Freaky Friday based around the infamous 'curse' of the poltergeist movies. Chances are, you've probably already heard about this as it's been going round for years now. But, if not, read on...

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A lot of people believe that there's a curse surrounding the Poltergeist movies, due to the many deaths of the cast and crew from the series and the circumstances surrounding said deaths. Both Heather O'Rouke and Dominique Dunne - who played sisters in the movies - died young. Heather died aged 12 after suffering a cardiac arrest (not such a 'bizarre' death per say, but certainly a tragedy with how young she was), whilst Dominique was murdered by her ex boyfriend. 

There were further deaths from cast and crew members. Julian Beck and Will Sampson, who both appeared in the second movie, died young, followed by others involved with the trilogy.

Many believe that the films were cursed because real skeletons were used as props within the movies, as opposed to fake ones. Apparently, Will Samspon who appeared in the second film and also died not long after the release of the film, was so convinced that the skeletons were real that he performed an authentic exorcism one night after shooting. It was said that it was cheaper to use real skeletons as props back then as opposed to fake ones.

Despite the mysterious amount of deaths surrounding this famous film franchise, it's hard to know whether to knock it up as curse or coincidence. Being that there are such a large number of people working on films - both on screen and behind the scenes - it's not such a surprising amount of people to pass away. However, there are many huge trilogies that probably had more cast members (Pirates of the Caribbean?) and we have not heard of any deaths or curses surrounding them.

Still, it makes for interesting reading and this curse has been talked about for years now - so I doubt people are going to stop believing it anytime soon...

What do you think? Let me know!

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