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Monday, 18 May 2015


In the past, I've raved a lot about one of my favourite running/work out apps - Zombies, Run! My love for this app has not deterred once and since re-joining the gym recently, I love it even more. It's so fun and motivational that I can't ever imagine going to the gym and not using it.

If you don't know the basis of it all, it's basically an ongoing story you listen to/participate in, in between your music tracks playing. As you run, you pick up supplies that can be used to improve your base and you discover more and more of the story, prompting you to continue working out regularly. In some instances, if you choose the option, you even have chances to outrun zombie hoards and the app requires you to speed up for 60 seconds or so.

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Although admittedly it's not as immersive using this app in the gym on a treadmill as opposed to running through a forest for example, it's still fun. There are sound effects to make it sound more real but lately I had the bright idea of creating an apocalypse inspired play list to listen to on my runs!

This is perfect timing too, as their latest update now includes external music support, something that previous versions did not have. For a long time, I was stuck with only using the app with music I already had on my phone which wasn't a lot. Now that I can use spotify alongside the app, it's much more fun.

I think this post is a lot different from a standard work out play list because, for a start, most peoples play lists would feature those upbeat tracks, the ones that are fast paced to motivate you to be faster/stronger/better etc. There's definitely a specific genre of work out music and this play list certainly does not fall into that category. Instead it features songs to help fit the mood - some in ways which I can't quite explain.


Though I mostly use it on shuffle, the first song just has to always be The Swarm by You Me At Six. Penned as the soundtrack for the roller coaster of the same name at Thorpe Park, if any song was ever to be the definitive anthem for the end of the world, it would without a doubt be this one. It starts with those typical apocalypse sounds - explosions, helicopters, things obviously falling from the sky. The lyrics are spot on too.

In regards of the songs, I have no idea what some of them are doing in there. For example, Shake It Out by Manchester Orchestra may not relate lyrically to a zombie apocalypse but the beat and overall feel of the song just makes me feel angst and makes me want to just, y'know, jump about and that.

Also, I found it incredibly hard to narrow down the one song to use by The Blackout. Pretty much every single one of their songs seem appropriate for the end of the world. Some of the songs are a little slower (perfect for when you need to rest or go down to a gentle jog) and some of them a little explicit but still pretty bloody awesome.

Also, the majority of this playlist will be used as the soundtrack when my zombie novel gets made into a film (because it totally will. Y'know, once I write it). So don't steal my ideas. I'm already feeling very uncomfortable with the idea of sharing some of my all time favourite sort-of-relatively-unknown songs. I don't feel like the world is ready for their awesomeness yet, not until it's featured in my zombie movie and then everyone can praise me for sharing such cool music with the world.


Make sure to let me know what you think - have I missed any must have apocalypse songs?!

Enjoy and have fun outrunning those zombies!

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