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Tuesday, 7 April 2015


It's not often that I'll write a whole actual blog post to enter a competition, but every now and then a prize is so amazing that I simply cannot miss my opportunity to win. Transun are hosting a blogger competition for one lucky blogger (and a plus one!) to win a trip to see the Northern Lights. And everybody knows just how stunning that would be. Viewing the Northern Lights are often considered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and certainly one I'd love to cross off my bucket list.

And that's not all. Even though seeing the Northern Lights would blow me off my feet, the prize also includes return flights, full board accommodation, a husky safari, a snowmobile ride, a visit to a reindeer camp and much more! And we all know how cute husky's and reindeer are...

To enter, all you need to do is -
Write a blog post about your top three travel bucket list destinations and then tweet the post to @Transun once it's live. Also, don't forget to include the hashtag #TransunLights.

The competition closes at midnight on the 30th April.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Transun Comp // Win a trip to see the Northern Lights; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; Transun; Tunisia; Amsterdam
This years travel adventures so far!

I've talked about travel a fair few times on the blog before so I doubt my top three travel destinations will be a surprise for you but here goes anyway!
  • America is my ultimate bucket list destination. I'm obsessed with everything American from the gorgeous accents to the famous food joints (In-N-Out burger sounds so awesome). It's my absolute dream to do a road trip across America, from one end right to the other, but there are also lots of states I'd happily visit on mini holidays including Arizona, L.A, San Francisco, Vegas and New York. I'd also love to visit Roswell!
  • Mexico is somewhere I've always wanted to go too. It's so different from anything I've ever known and I'd love the opportunity to swim in an underground pool/lake in the middle of the jungle, visit the Mayan pyramids or even check out that creepy doll island too. I'd love to visit during Day of the Dead as well because I feel that would have the most amazing atmosphere. 
  • Finally, you might all find this a weird choice but I'd also love to visit Chernobyl, where the famous Chernobyl incident took place. I know it seems like a pretty oddball choice, but I find it fascinating and would do anything to see what the deserted city looks like now. Photos show the abandoned buildings as looking beyond creepy which I think would be a pretty unique thing to see in real life.
So there you have it, just three (of many!) of my bucket list destinations. There are many more of course, but these are three I absolutely must visit once in my life, without fail. I also think the three are very varied choices when you line them up next to each other, which I think is part of the attraction of travelling. When you travel you want to see and experience something new, something which is a whole other world of what you're used to or what you even know, I believe that America, Mexico, Chernobyl, and, off course, the Arctic Circle when watching the North Lights!
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  1. You absolutely have to do the American road trip. Honestly. Do it. Book it now! We did one last summer - California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada - we rode Harleys through the Wild West and it was completely and utterly amazing. In fact we loved it so much we are already planning another trip because one just isn't enough.


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