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Thursday, 2 April 2015


So admittedly it's taken me a while to complete this horror movie challenge - a challenge I set myself in celebration of Halloween and owning far too many horror movies. There are three main reasons to as of why it's taken me so long. 1) I was an idiot and didn't think to check all the movies beforehand. Some of which the discs were missing or simply did not work. 2) I kind of hate watching horror movies alone, even the ones that aren't scary at all. And finally, 3) My personal life has gotten in the way a LOT.

But never fear, I have finally gotten around to watching the LAST movie in the challenge! Sort of. I actually couldn't find a working copy of Hidden, so instead decided to watch a film called Rubber, one I'd been wanting to see for a damn good while now, simply to say that I had. I mean, the whole film is about a killer car tire. Weird, but definitely a film you've gotta watch at least once. 

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Watched : Yesterday afternoon 
Essential movie snacks : Curry and a shandy
Watched with... : My dad & Jasper
Score out of 5 : 3/5

I don't really know what to say about this movie. It had a unique but not particularly 'out there' storyline, except for of course, the killer which was a car tire. To be honest, I was expecting a lot more from this film considering how different it was. I thought the story could have been a bit more interesting. But, saying that, in some ways it was also better then I expected. It wasn't as boring as I thought it would be either...I'm not really sure how that makes sense. But overall it was average. It met my expectations, but didn't exceed them.

I couldn't say much about the acting but I did really enjoy the whole style of the film - the feeling to it, the camera angles etc. I feel there was probably a lot of interesting undertones surrounding this movie that I didn't pick up on but I think it can be enjoyed for what it is without thinking too much about the story. There were some interesting concepts, and I thought the supporting storylines gave more depth to the film.

It's essentially a film that you should watch yourself (and I insist again, you should watch it at least once in your life, just to say 'Hey, there's this total oddball horror movie about a killer tire and I watched it!) to decide your own opinions and thoughts on it.

Oh, and I also forgot to mention, the tire even has a name! It's called Robert. Which is actually oddly fitting.

Is it even worth telling you what my notes are for the movie? They're pretty much just the same thing over and over..
  • Okay, let's do this
  • What
  • K this is weird
  • Huh
  • Ew
  • I don't understand this film at all
  • What the hell is going on
...and so on.

I wouldn't recommend wasting your money on this, but definitely check it out on Netflix for free.

So there you have it. My 10th and final movie review as part of my B-List Horror Movie Challenge. It's been a long, long challenge, but the important thing is that I completed it. Y'know, eventually, about four months too late. Oh well. Check back next week for a blog post summing up the whole challenge and all the movies involved!

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