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Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I've been recovering from a bout of flu and have hated feeling so tired, unwell and basically 'meh'. It's been a fast few months for me - after my long weekend away from Amsterdam I came straight back to work and it wasn't long before myself and the bestie jetted off to Tunisia for what was supposed to be a relaxing week. It wasn't. We enjoyed ourselves and caught the sun but what was supposed to be a sunny break spent sunbathing by the pool instead turned into a bit of a party week - oops. I was straight back at work the next day so barely had the chance to recover. On top of working nine days straight the other week and finally spending the whole of my three day weekend in bed with the flu, it's safe to say everything has gotten on top of me.

I hate feeling unwell and although I actually mostly enjoy having busy weeks at a time with little time to myself (sometimes it's nice to always be doing something), there's something they both have in common and that's letting the rest of your life slip. I'm not on about major things but things that you simply don't have time to stay on top of. For example, making your bed and keeping your room tidy. There's nothing that feels worse than seeing my room is a tip and being too tired to do anything about it. As soon as I started to feel a little better, I started to make some changes (number one having a proper tidy) and was amazed at how better I felt immediately. 

So whatever is going on in your life - whether you're too busy at work to concentrate on the other parts of life, or you simply don't know where to start - here are some simple steps I've found that have helped me to really feel like I have my shit together.
  • Keeping my room tidy and making my bed. It's so nice to come home some evenings and see my bed all neat and made up. It might sound a little geeky but it makes me feel much more forward to sleep, especially if I've recently put on new bed sheets. In fact, I end up feeling tempted to switch off all technology, climb into bed with a good book and get an early night in this case - which is always a good thing.
  • Sorting out my wardrobe. I'm constantly buying new clothes, like, more so than the average person being that I work in a shop, so when I have more than one day off in a row, I like to spend some time sorting out my wardrobe. I take out what I don't wear anymore and put it aside to sell (therefore earning back the money I've just spent buying new clothes) and divide my wardrobe up into different sections - work wear, evening wear (classy and nights out), day dresses, skirts and shorts, tops and others (band merch, old signed tops from uni pub crawls etc - this section is very colourful!). It saves a lot of the time in the mornings when deciding what I want to wear.
  • Writing nearly everything down in one of my many notebooks. I found a really cute notebook which is the perfect size for my handbag and use it for almost everything - to do lists, blog post ideas, my work rota, random notes etc. It's with me at all times and makes life a lot easier because I have it all in one place. Beforehand, I'd have 'reminders' everywhere - my work rota on my phone (or just a photo of it), notes jotted down on random post it notes, events in a calender for example. I still have a mini year planner notebook in my bag too but noting important dates in my notebook also reminds me that I actually need to book them off work or make further plans for them like booking train tickets or whatever.
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  • Investing my money further. At 25 years old, I decided it was maybe time to make a start on some savings and after getting a tax rebate a few weeks back, I thought this was the perfect way to start it all off. So I invested it all into some premium bonds which would a) stop me spending it like I would seeing it in my bank account and b) put me in the running for winning some more money. Eventually it'll be going towards a car but until then, I'd much rather keep it somewhere safe and have the chance to earn more from it. It's also a good idea to set up a direct debit to save some money each month too, which is my next plan. If it comes out by direct debit each payday, I'll barely notice the difference.
  • Set up direct debits for things like phone bills, rent etc so you don't have to worry about paying things off every month...
  • ...and likewise cancel the ones you don't need or use like unnecessary subscription boxes, gym memberships when you don't even go and more. Saying that, I have just signed up for the gym again but I have cancelled other things I no longer use.
  • Becoming more sociable with traditions among friends. Some weeks I feel super sociable and want to do all sorts and others I just want to be by myself or find myself too skint to do much. As of late, I've tried to keep up with our weekly tradition of rock and roll bingo at the local on a Sunday night. Even if I'm not feeling up to it, it guarantees me seeing all my friends at least once a week and having a laugh. This is actually really beneficial for people who are kind of introvert like I can sometimes be or aren't big on huge social situations. Making a weekly tradition can be a huge step just getting out of the house and having a bit of fun at least one evening a week.
  • Playlists. Oh my god playlists. I feel like I have a playlist for everything I do, from taking the bus to work, writing, working out or trying to fall asleep. Okay so I haven't yet organized these properly, but there are playlists that are valid in my head. And I'm sure they'll be even more beneficial when I do sort them all out properly in Spotify and that.
  • Training my brain everyday! Whether it's an addictive attempt at a tough level on Candycrush, practicing French on one of my iPhone Apps, or doing sodoku, I think it's important to train your brain or at least try and learn something new every day.
  • Speaking of iPhones, I sorted out all my apps into folders today and felt like my whole entire life was re-organized just by this one simple little step.
So there you have it - ten simple steps that can make a huge difference in your life. Obviously some are easier then others (the iPhone one can be done in minutes whereas saving your money can take much longer) but it's the attempt that counts. Even if you don't put hundreds of pounds aside every single paycheck, maybe even just putting £50 a month into some premium bonds will immediately feel like you're much more on top of your money and making a bit of a future for yourself by putting it aside.

When there's never enough hours in the day to stay on top of everything or you sometimes find yourself just drifting through life without giving much care to the boring stuff, doing one or two of these simple tips can make all the difference.

Do you have any tips that help you stay on top of everything in your life? Please share, I'd love to hear them!

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