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Monday, 9 March 2015


I asked for some book vouchers for Christmas as in the last year or so I've really gotten back into reading. I've always been a book worm but haven't always had the time since leaving uni, what with working and writing and the like. I've found it easier to manage my time now and often put my laptop aside on an evening now and instead pick up a book to read before I go to sleep (my life is so exciting!). Me and a friend recently went on a last minute holiday to Tunisia, so I used my vouchers to pick up a couple of books to take for me for light reading on the beach or by the pool. As it goes, I only had time to just about read one of those books and that book was Age, Sex, Location.

I was really excited to read this book as it follows newly dumped Lauren taking on various dating guides to understand the rules of dating better and realize where she's been going wrong. This particular story line intrigued me because many a times I've been in Lauren's shoes, wondering yet again what I've done wrong when something that was going so right suddenly goes in the complete opposite direction. Though I've never gone as far as to actually pick up and follow a dating guide, I've definitely thought about it. By reading this book, I didn't have to!

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The blurb reads - 

The last thing twenty-eight-year-old Lauren is looking for is love, so why do the men she's dating assume she's searching for The One?

With men running for the hills, Lauren takes drastic action and turns her love life into an experiment, vowing to follow the advice of a different dating guide every month.

From releasing her inner siren to swearing off sex completely, Lauren will follow The Rules and play The Game, all with the help of her disapproving best friend Cathryn and her newly loved-up housemate Lucy.

But as she searches for the holy grail of no-strings sex minus the heartache, Lauren soon realizes that dating is more complicated than just swiping right - and that the things you run from tend to always catch up with you...

I thought this story was really refreshing and modern in that, for a start, Lauren wasn't looking to find the one or looking to be saved and live happily ever after. All she ever wants is a bit of fun and she isn't ashamed of that, although it was interesting to see that considering that's what most men want anyway, they still didn't stick around when getting that!

It was quite interesting that Lauren tried various dating guides - classic ones from 'the old days' and even the ever so famous The Game, written by men to use on women. I also found it quite interesting that she went as far as to experiment a little with her sexuality too and consider the fact that maybe ladies might be the answer for her. Her best friend goes on to fall in love with a man heavily into BSDM - so as you can see, it's very modern and includes themes that aren't so common in most chick lit stories we read.

The character of Lauren was likeable - not amazing, but not terrible either. There wasn't anything particularly special about her that stood out to me, except for the fact that she was willing to turn her love life into a giant experiment and try new things. Her character was quite strong willed and confident though and I suppose with these type of books I'm still used to expecting characters to be ditzy and clumsy.

With so many different male characters too I thought it would be easy to get confused but it wasn't. It was refreshing meeting so many diverse characters and I was guessing up until the very end about who she should end up with (if anyone at all). I also liked that there were a few characters from her past too - the guys she dated for example, one is a constant throughout and that was an interesting concept as it touched on the fact that it's not easy to move on from someone, even when seeing someone new.

There was a few twists and turns in this story, most of which I didn't expect so it was nice to pick up a book and not already have a general idea of how it was all going to unfold like you do with most dating or chick lit books.

The only dislike I had about the book was the ending; it was kind of cliche in my eyes and was quite abrupt too. I would have liked to have seen that story line expanded further or to have had the author to set it up more. It sort of just seemed very out of the blue and like a means to an end just so Lauren ended up with someone and that she didn't end up with an ex.

Overall the book was a lighthearted read perfect for holiday and though it's not a favourite, I would probably read it again if even just to re-read some of the dating rules mentioned!

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