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Saturday, 21 March 2015


The basis of this blog post is pretty self explanatory - a playlist of music I've been digging this month. 

The majority of it has been discovered through work - think lots of clubby tunes and house vibes that are just toned down enough to listen to outside of the club when chilling at home (or in my case, at work). The list begins with the upbeat summer tune Miles Away by The Maine, the second single to drop from their soon to be released newest album. Call me biased but I really, really love this song. It signifies a much more mature and happier sound from the band and it's the type of song I can easy see complimenting a big blockbuster hit. Saying that, they've still stayed true to their origins with this song.

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I've also thrown in some shouty girl rocking in the form of Courtney Barnett, a lovely lady my brother, myself and a friend are going to see live next month. The song may sound a little out of place on the playlist otherwise filled with chilled tunes and dance mixes but hey, it's a good one I couldn't miss. Shift K3Y has made another appearance in my latest music taste with a song I really didn't think I'd like but I really, really do.

Finishing up with a slightly corny but romantic song by Rixton and I'd say overall there's a sure mix of different genres of music I've been listening to lately. Of course there was much more I wanted to add and it was very hard narrowing it down to just these twelve but I'm happy with the overall result.

I can't really sum up what these songs mean to me. Miles Away makes me think of summer road trips, whereas Not Into It makes me want to get up and dance. I suppose with us just transitioning into spring though, they both fit well. It's not quite summer yet, but we're finally moving away from winter. The seasons mixing together in a time for some change means a whole range of music taste on display here.

I hope you enjoy and do let me know what you think if you have a listen!

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