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Saturday, 28 February 2015


Yesterda I was forced into the very vigorous task of dropping to my knees, climbing in the small cupboard under the stairs and using my iPhone torch to read the gas & and electric meter out to my Mum. Cue my Dad standing in the hallway, relaying the numbers to my mum that I was relaying to him repeatedly. And then, when I finally emerged 10 minutes later, he repeated my actions to double check I'd called out the right numbers because he didn't trust me.

Can you tell it's pretty mad in our house?

Then again, I'm not surprised. In my house, I'm known for doing some real stupid stuff. Stuff such as...
  • When I put the dishwasher one evening so that I could empty it, since we had ran out of clean cups. My dad comes home and asks me why I've put the dishwasher on since he'd already put it on this morning when he left for work and I failed to notice all cutlery and items in said dishwasher were completely clean.
  • When I attempted to take some washing out of the washing machine to put it on to dry, my dad told me I should give it another spin. To which I replied 'what, manually?'. I hand on heart thought he meant I should stick my hand in and rotate the inside of the washing machine myself for a final wash/spin. He was not amused. What can I say, up until recently I'd never done my own washing since using the Panasonic washing machines at uni...
  • One time when I was younger, I decided to make those microwavable noodles I was obsessed with. All was well until my mum starts screaming, runs into the kitchen and switches off the microwave. Then she pulls £500 out of it (only mildly burnt) which I didn't see because a) the microwave was high on a shelf and I couldn't see inside it and b) who the HELL hides money in a microwave anyway?! Now it's a common story in my family about how I almost burned £500...
  • When I opened a cupboard one time and a jar of jam just fell out and smashed the plate on the side, sending bits of china all over the kitchen and narrowly missing myself and my dad. Please don't ask me how this was my fault, but apparently it was.
  • I also tripped down the stairs once because I have these slippers with a long tassel and a little cotton ball on the end and they got tangled as I walked down the stairs and tripped me. It was then that I realized I had them on the wrong feet and the tassels were supposed to be on the OUTSIDE not on the inside. Which makes complete sense if you think about it..
I think it's safe to say that I'm a bit of a div and that I'm very clumsy, but some of the stuff above is also kind of common sense. How I lived away from home for three years when studying at uni I don't know...I guess if I want to get my own place this year, I'm going to have to start becoming more independent again first!

*Post published in conjunction with Panasonic 

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