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Saturday, 3 January 2015


Today I wanted to talk about - and do a review of - something a little bit different and that is a website called Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

I came across this website when it was mentioned in a magazine and thought the story behind it was very sweet and unique. It was set up by a lady called Anikka who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. On her website she talks about how whilst undergoing her treatment, many friends and family gifted her flowers and chocolate to cheer her up and whilst this was a lovely idea, these gifts weren't quite practical. 

You might be surprised to know that most hospitals don't actually allow people to bring flowers onto a ward and even when at home during treatment, after continuous bunches of flowers, you eventually run out of space! Depending on what treatment you're having, chocolate is a no go too - many cancer sufferers end up having their taste buds altered with treatment and most treatments need particular diets too meaning that some patients have to give up dairy and some foodie items are just generally frowned upon during treatment.

Even though chocolates and flowers are lovely, they're not practical or beneficial.

So Anikka set up a website selling alternative gifts that can not only cheer up those diagnosed with cancer, but gifts that they might actually use such as eye masks and plush pajamas during those hospital stays and even trendy floral walking sticks. With each gift, she explains who it is suitable for and why she thinks it's a lovely gift.

And Anikka has done her research too - using products that are entirely safe and beneficial to that special someone, the type of products that can be used in line with whatever type of treatment they might be having. Additionally, she also donates a percentage of what sells to charity!

I think it's a beyond lovely idea and eliminates any awkward moments when giving gifts to someone who can't actually use said gifts. As soon as I logged on and began to look through the different products, I knew right away I wanted to get something for my mum who was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer early last year. I found that I was spoilt for choice and there were so many things that she would love or benefit from. 

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In the end, I opted to choose for a 'chin up, we love you lots' type of gift, as opposed to a practical one, as some of the practical gifts are not what she needs at this particular part of her treatment. I chose a pretty juicy lucy mug which came in it's own gift bag, and added a chocolate spoon and cute keyring to all fit into the little bag. Anikka sent me pretty tissue paper to help wrap it all up too, although she offers a gift wrapping service depending on the gift. 

I cannot stress enough how sweet and helpful I think this website is and I'm surprised there hasn't been one like it pop up before! It's so beneficial because when someone close to you goes through something like that, it's tough to know how to show them that you're thinking of them. More often then not, you're first thought is to sell flowers, but this website offers the perfect alternatives and I wish I'd discovered it sooner.

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  1. This looks an amazing website, such lovely alternatives! I love the mug, it's so pretty! xo

    1. I agree, it's such a cute idea :) x

  2. This looks fantastic... awesome practical gifts that anyone will actually appreciate!

    1. Definitely, no one wants to give gifts that people aren't actually going to use or appreciate so this website definitely comes in handy x

  3. aw i love this, im not a fan of flowers but give me a cuppa tcha anyday

    1. Exactly, everyone loves a cuppa haha x


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