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Thursday, 15 January 2015


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Watched : Last night
Essential movie snacks : Popcorn
Watched with... : Jasper!
Score out of 5 : 4.5/5

I'd be lying if I'd said I wasn't looking forward to seeing and reviewing this movie the most. First of all it's a classic and has been known to be one of the most influential horror movies of all time. Second of all - zombies. It's all about zombies and we all know how awesome zombies are.

The story line is pretty self explanatory - the dead rise from their graves and a group of survivors try to survive the night by hiding out in a house. It's your typical dead VS the living film (even though it was a kind of new genre at the time of its release) so nowadays, it's nothing new exactly but despite that, it still kept me hooked throughout. 

The acting was a little naff to what we expect these days but even I found myself a little surprised at how graphic it was. Sure, it wasn't blood and guts everywhere like I'd expect if it was a modern film, but I can see why it was quite out there for when it was first released.

I also found that I expected the film to be a little slow in that I kind of expected what would happen but the pace of the film was perfect really. It had a good amount of scares (the tension type as opposed to the jump-out-of-your-seat-type) and the premise was set up really well. The film didn't jump straight into the horror immediately but it didn't leave it too long either.

The ending too was one that I did not expect and I did find myself eagerly awaiting the outcome - this wasn't a film where I could easily predict how it ended for once.

I find it weird that out of all the films I've watched, even though my attention did waver a few times, this is hands down one of the best from this challenge. I can't quite place my finger on what it was exactly, but this film was just really, really good. It was nice to throw a classic in there and I think sometimes we're all guilty of bypassing classic films, expecting them to be boring, and instead going for more modern horror with more scares, blood and guts. But this film was a prime example of how even the old films can be just as scary and to be honest, I'm not surprised really. This film has gone on to influence so many others, that I'd say it definitely helped define zombie horror as we know it today.

Well worth a watch, alone, with a friend, with family...this is definitely a film that everyone has to see at least once.

Also, I finally discovered where the famous 'They're coming to get you Barbara' quote comes from and I can't believe I didn't know that before hand.

The geeky notes part -
  • They’re coming to get you Barbara SO THAT'S WHERE THAT'S FROM
  • Is that the new dr who 
  • He’s not very scary he just looks old 
  • Does this woman ever speak 
  • Whys that dude wearing white pants (he looks so geeky)
  • He’s trying to fight them by hitting them with his hand and breathing all funny what even 
  • Their reactions are really funny haha 
  • Actually had to scream out at one point WHY AINT YOU GETTING IN THE CAR don’t just bloody stand there #idiot 
  • The woman’s screams LOL

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