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Thursday, 8 January 2015


I've never been the type of person to go all out for new years resolutions - I've never made specific lists of things I do or don't want to do and I've never fancied the idea of just setting myself up for disappointment. I feel a lot of resolutions people make can up being not very achievable or far too specific. I actually blogged about this recently over at the Luton On Sunday website, talking about how more general resolutions are probably less likely to fail!

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But I needed an excuse to use my gorgeous new notebook (I have too many that I don't use for anything) and without even meaning to, dedicated the first page to my resolutions - or, as I've written - YEAR 2015 The Resolutions (or general guidelines)! These are -
  • Be HAPPY
  • Be healthy
  • Save at least some money from each paycheck
  • Go on more adventures (including, but not limited to; Amsterdam, Mexico, Slam Dunk, Hit The Deck, Reading Festival and partying hard with rockstars)
  • A bottle of water a day
  • Let them come to you
  • Gain more writing experience
  • Finish (or maybe just start) those projects
  • Experiment more with style, make up & hair
  • Catch up on all TV series
  • But seriously, BE HAPPY!
As you can see, most of them are sort of vague, making them more realistic. I don't aim to lose a specific amount of weight, but I do hope to be more healthy this year; cutting down on takeaways (but not giving them up completely), maybe taking up a weekly yoga class or going swimming more often.

I plan to save some money, but again not a specific amount. The perfect way to do this is to just move whatever money I have left over the day before my next paycheck meaning I never really get to the point where I'm struggling without money by saving. I simply save what I haven't spent ready to get paid the following day.

Adventures refer to general travel plans and is really just reminding myself to live like I did last year and the year before - say yes to (almost) everything, travel for my favourite gigs to discover new places, go to more music festivals, hopefully have a few weekends away and, of course, party with rockstars. Again.

My resolution about letting them come to you is more so in regards to my dating/love life. I've always been the type of girl who struggles to play the game and I never really understand why it's a bad thing to be upfront and honest with a guy - if you really like someone, why does that constitute as coming on too strong? Nonetheless, I'm not really looking for anything right now and feel like there's no need to text good looking boys first.

The rest are pretty self explanatory but really? My biggest resolution is to just be happy and enjoy 2015!

What are your resolutions, if you've made any? Let me know!

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