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Monday, 1 December 2014


Being a bit of a movie buff means that living close to London certainly has it's advantages. Cinema events have become ever so popular in the capital in the past few years from Secret Cinema hosting exciting and interactive showings of old favourites, to ultra posh venues featuring plush sofa seats & beds. What's been especially popular lately is not only the funky and oddball locations that pop up cinema's seem to inhabit, but also the quirky and wacky themes that come along with the showings too.

Last week I decided maybe it was time to stop hoping to attend one of these cool events and actually, yknow, attend one. Cool Runnings on Ice was an immediate first choice - a viewing of a child hood favourite film that takes place on actual ice and boasted bathubs, free glasses of rum and generally an exciting and friendly atmosphere.

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We headed down to Queens Ice and Bowl, amused at people's outfits of choice (we were encouraged to channel our 'retro Caribbean ski wear' wardrobe) and impressed with the venue - an ice skating rink and bowling alley in one - WHO KNEW. It sounded mighty fun and it was.

So it was pretty chilly and I ended up getting a numb bum, but it was really fun watching the movie in a completely different setting to normal. Compared to the fact that I hadn't seen it in donkeysyonks and barely remembered the movie, I was entirely submerged in the film. We received a free glass of rum and some popcorn and for a small fee could also get a blanket to keep us warm and some handwarmers. THE HAND WARMERS WERE STILL HOT THE DAY AFTER. Just saying. The blanket was real thin and did little to keep me warm but I was mightily impressed with the handwarmers.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that there were actually no bathtubs on the ice to sit in to watch the movie (I think I totally misread the event details wrong - I know, I know, it would be near impossible to get enough bathtubs for everyone onto an ice skating rink but hey, London has played host to weirder things...) but overall, I really enjoyed my night.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Review // Cool Runnings on Ice with Press Play; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; Cool Runnings; Cool Runnings on Ice; Press Play
The only photo I took that night - a 'non bathtub' selfie
It was really so different from just watching a film at home because it was so lovely to see everyone get involved. Everyone cheered and clapped at appropriate parts of the movie and it just made the atmosphere really upbeat and fun. 

The only thing I would say was that it was a tad pricey at about £25 each which only covered entry, a glass of rum and a free packet of popcorn. The blanket & handwarmers were purchased at a small fee. Although I feel this price is worth it for the what the event involved and how different it was, I think it was a lot to pay to watch a movie whilst essentially just sitting on an ice rink. Had the venue been different I probably would have said the price was entirely worth it, simply because I did find it a little hard to enjoy the movie at points because it was so damn cold. However, being that cinema tickets are so expensive these days anyway, it's tough to evaluate. Despite that, I would most certainly attend a Press Play event again, depending on what theme/venue it is.

I would definitely suggest going with a big group of friends and throwing yourself into this type of thing. Press Play definitely put on a fun night and really went all out to re-create the theme of the movie.

Please note, this is in no way a collaborative or sponsored post - I purchased the tickets myself and all words and opinions are my own.

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