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Tuesday, 30 December 2014


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Watched : Last week...and Sunday evening...and yesterday evening
Essential movie snacks : None
Watched with... : By myself
Score out of 5 : 2/5

I've found that a lot of these movies are set up quite well and have a lot to offer in terms of original storylines and characters but don't quite manage to follow through. Fear dot com was no different. The premise was all about a website people were logging onto and then consequently dying from weird deaths. Which come to think of it is real silly - I know people always do stupid stuff in horror movies anyway but why didn't these people just stop logging onto this website?

Generally, it wasn't the worst film I've seen when partaking this challenge. It was creepy and a lot of the scary/disturbing stuff began to happen more towards the end although I can't tell if the build up was really good or actually really boring. I mean, it made me want to watch until the end to see how the whole thing turned out but I also found myself tuning out throughout the movie, hence why it took me about three goes to watch the whole thing (but I was also really tired each time).

The graphics were kind of cool, as was the 'theme' of the film - lots of use of digital flashbacks, dark colours undertones thoughout, gritty images etc. It all fit together pretty well.

It took me a while to understand it though as it seemed throughout there were two separate story lines that had nothing to do with each other. I won't spoil it for you but this was a good effect even if it did confuse me a little.

And the ending was a little naff too.

Overall it was alright, but nothing to write home about. It wouldn't be worth a second viewing but to be honest, I can't quite place my finger on why. Everything was set up well but somehow it just didn't work - for me, anyway.

Notes throughout -
  • Is that the dude from Jurassic park 
  • O wait it looks nothing like him It was just that one angle 
  • What’s with the bouncy ball 
  • Why did he climb off the old ledge so slowly to save her why not just jump 
  • What even 
  • And that’s why I’d never have a cat
  • Omg this film mentions Ebola it has been around for years people, stop the panic!!
  • Ok wow this camera dude is so corny 
  • This dude is so creepy 
  • I really don’t get the bouncing ball reference or why it’s so important
  • Who the bloody well in hell is this dude 
  • And what does he have to do with anything
  • And what was with the phone call at the end?

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