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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


This time last year, I was sitting at home in my pajamas, feeling worse for wear and recovering from a long, long week. My hair probably needed a wash and, come to think of it, I probably really needed a proper long soak in the bath - as well as along break from alcohol. I'd been exhausted and still felt slightly sleepy after my much needed lay in, yet I couldn't help but sit there with a smile on my face as I recalled my week to my family and gossiping about what had happened on Facebook.

For in November 2013 me and some friends embarked on an adventure, the type of adventure I'm sure many people dream about or think only happen in books and movies - and to this day I still can't believe it happened. We followed a band on tour, booking tickets to see them at every one of their UK tour dates and turning it into a week long road trip/adventure/party.

To this day, it's still one of the BEST decisions I've ever made.

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Music is my passion, but that's not the only reason why I did it. It was to create new memories, to have some fun. To travel around the country and discover cities I've never visited before. To meet new people and to ultimately go on a road trip. Every single one of my wishes came true and sitting here now typing this, I can't even keep the smile off my face as I remember how the week went.

I still remember the long drive to Newcastle, the pit stop in Sunderland to grab what I still insist is the worlds best takeaway pizza (especially after a night out). How I finally got my night out clubbing in Newcastle (I'd studied at Sunderland University for three years and somehow never went clubbing in Newcastle whilst there). How we bagged ourself into a super expensive club for free. How everyone was so friendly - picking me up and spinning me around. The funky cocktails in one bar and the dancing 'cage' in another. The themed 80s bar. Posing in front of a giant Budda Head statue when it was time to go home...then climbing into a fake car and taking more photos.

And this was before tour had even started!

The rest of the week served us some even more amazing memories. I fell in love with Edinburgh. I laughed so hard in a beyond trippy rotating tunnel. I made friends with support bands and random Noel Fielding lookalikes in the street. I partied hard. I recovered. I partied harder. I took too many pictures to count and listened to some of the best playlists that I'm still proud of now.

And the travelling to new cities part was pretty cool too. From staying in basic travelodge hotel rooms to all out glamorous party apartments like the one below, it's safe to say that we had a real mix throughout the week...!

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I still remember watching the sunset as we drove somewhere in between Edinburgh and Liverpool, running late and music blasting loud. A few years ago, I watched the 'Kids in Love' music video by Mayday Parade and just thought how badly I'd love to get away and take a trip like that with my friends, to be speeding along in the car with music playing loud...and at that time, I did. I had that moment, and that was pretty damn surreal for me.

Truth be told, I'm notourous for having dreams and not following through with them. But this is one dream I actually managed to fulfill and it was hands down one of the most amazing adventures of my life. Sure, it was tough arranging it all and it cost money and some people even judged us for it. But it was more than worth it in the end.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you want to do something crazy, do it now while you're still young. Don't think about what people might say or how much it might cost. Don't even worry about work. Just book a week off, jump in your car and do it. There's no time like the present and you'll be amazed at how one small road trip can change your life forever.

DO IT. NOW. You wont regret it.

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