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Monday, 3 November 2014


I like to blog about my life every now and then, writing about what I've been up to and showing photos from the random adventures I've been on. I think it's because I love reading these types of posts on other peoples blogs as I really feel it gives blogs a much more personal touch and of course I like to read back on these kind of posts and reminisce about what I got up to!

I haven't been up to LOADS lately, but here a are a few snapshots of what I HAVE been up to.

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In the balloon room at a Masquerade Ball / Saying goodbye to Kids in Glass Houses / At the fair after a fireworks display / My awesome knee high socks (rolled down) with my biker boots / Dr Fright's Halloween Nights / Me actually cooking for once / Watching The Maine / Hanging out with some of the members of Lydia / A sunset in Brighton

I've been to a number of different gigs lately from The Maine, Kids in Glass Houses and Fell Out Boy (the worlds first Fall Out Boy tribute band) which has been fun. As always, The Maine gave us some pretty great memories. A couple of the members came out drinking with us in Brighton and I got to chill with some of the members of Lydia - one of the support bands - in Nottingham. How cute is the lead singer?! They were super drunk and my friends and myself had to help them work out what to eat when they couldn't understand our currency ha!

Early last week I decided to brave Dr Fright's Halloween Nights which was so fun but also SO scary. In hindsight, they'd done a great job at going all out. They paid a lot of attention to detail and one of the attractions was so impressive with fake stars in the ceiling and a real caravan that we had to climb through at one point! It was a real laugh although I'm still having nightmares about the masked man who decided to chase me around the hay bales with a fake chainsaw...

I'm actually working on bonfire night this year (boo) so me and my friends drove down to Campbell park for their annual fireworks display and fun fare. I've never been before so really enjoyed exploring the fair that looked so pretty lit up against the night sky. I even bought a toffee apple and of course went on a few rides!

I've recently gone up to full time hours at H&M which means I don't have as much time to blog anymore but I'm thoroughly enjoying my job. It's so different than my old job and even though I haven't been there THAT long, I feel completely settled and as part of the team. Everyone is so friendly and I can see myself being there for a long time. I'm even thinking about training to become a visual's really fun working in fashion!

Anyway, for the most part, that's what I've been up to lately. How about you?!

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