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Sunday, 16 November 2014


I know it's not strictly Halloween or even October anymore, but I still have 5 more movies on my B-List Horror Movies Challenge list! Tonight I'm reviewing Boogeyman, a film I was at first surprised that I hadn't yet seen. When I first picked it up, I figured it was one of those old 90s movies that most kids had seen growing up, but on further thought, I think I might have been getting it mixed up with Candyman (which I haven't seen either come to think of it). Boogeyman actually came out in 2005!

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Watched : This evening
Essential movie snacks : Pringles
Watched with... : Some friends
Score out of 5 : 4.0/5

The premise of this film feeds on childhood fears - the fear of the dark or, more specifically, what hides in your closet at night. When a young Tim looses his father to such a thing hidden in the dark, it's no surprise that when he grows up, he's not quite over it. Following the death of his mother, he comes home and finds himself fighting to unravel the mystery or at least beat the thing that had haunted him for so many years.

Considering this only cost me 65p from CEX (I know!) I wasn't sure if I was expecting it to be bad because it was so cheap, or if I just had low expectations for it costing so little and hoped it would be much better than my expectations.

As it turns out, it was one of the best movies I've watched from this challenge so far! It had a strong storyline which I really digged because of how simple and innocent it was - everyone has been scared of the dark at least once in their life. The 'boogeyman' was never really revealed until the end (and man he was freaky), so that really built up my anticipation. There were quite a few jumpy parts too.

I wouldn't say the actors in the film were amazing, but they were a lot better then I expected them to be too. Some of it didn't make total sense though and got a little confusing, like how he tended to transport from one place to another through the closet at some points (and even seemingly go back in time at one point?). I didn't entirely understand the end, but it was exciting and kind of dark.

The film had a very nostalgic feel to it, like it was the type of film to be watched as a teenager, sneaking out of bed to watch a scary movie your parents don't want you to, or the type of film to watch with your best friends and scream your head off at the whole time. I'd probably even go as far to say that this is a date night movie too.

The ending was okay, too. It stayed away from typical horror movie endings where there's 'one last kill' or a suggestion that there might be a sequel a few months on. It was nice and simple and rounded things up nicely.

It wasn't the best horror movie I've ever seen but I enjoyed it and would watch it again.

My notes/inner monologue during the film -
  • Is that Sylvester Stallone 
  • Holy crap this is actually kinda messed up 
  • That Tim guy is sort of hot but damn that jumper is ugly 
  • What a weird little kid
  • Hiding in the barn and shit
  • He’s like transporting through the closet what 
  • Tim doesn’t need mental help it’s the boogie man!
  • How the hell can a tap make me jump?! 
  • Holy sh*t it’s actually kinda scary 
  • Hmm I didn’t completely understand the ending but the very very ending was nice and simple
  • And the song in the credits is awesome
I've discovered this movie inspired a couple of straight-to-DVD sequels which I wouldn't mind seeing for review purposes of course! Maybe I'll keep them in mind for next years challenge...

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