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Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Happy 1st of October guys! As you're all aware, I'm a HUGE fan of anything creepy/supernatural etc and I absolutely love Halloween. I also really love horror movies and last year had a great idea which was a feature to blog just for Halloween - me reviewing a bunch of horror movies I have lying around in my room but had never gotten around to watching.

Unfortunately, because I suck, I never got around to watching & reviewing more than one film. I was really guted about this! So I've decided to try this challenge again this year. Of course I might not have ALL the movies featured in the photo below, but I do have Netflix now. So this is just a repost of the original post and in a few days I'll also repost my first review!

Welcome to my challenge of watching my ridiculously huge collection of b-list movies. Aka, a collection filled with mostly direct-to-video, probably (but not necessarily!) crap, generally not worth watching films.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog: My B-List horror movies challenge

One of my favourite pastimes is hanging around the old horror movie section of HMV, flicking through unheard of titles, desperate for a new scare. Occasionally I'll venture out to CEX who, although don't have a dedicated horror movie section, do have cheap as chips DVD's which is perfect now that my local HMV has shut down. Most of the movies I buy vary from 50p to £5.00, which is a bargain if you ask me. The trouble is, I never get around to watching them.

I'm a sucker for buying loads and then never actually seeing them. Even though I know they're probably going to be really bad because of their low price and practically never heard of cast, I still want to watch them because I'm open minded and occasionally, among the worst films ever, you do find the occasional gem. So please don't think I'm stating ANY of these movies are officially crap, because that would make me feel bad. Writers, directors, actors, editors and whoever else probably spent ages putting together each of these films and I'd feel terribly bad if I slated their life's work.

But you know exactly the type of movies these are. The type that you watch out of boredom, or find absolutely hilarious if you're drunk. Just wait and see what happened the first time me and three friends attempted to watch Fear Dot Com when drunk...

So I decided, in the spirit of Halloween - and because if I can't go all out for Halloween on my blog then where else can I, since I'm too old in real life? - I'm going to finally get on with watching them. And you lucky readers get to read my review of each and every one of them. Lucky you!

Maybe I'll find a great film which you'll all want to see. Maybe I'll just provide you with an extensive list of films NOT to waste your money on. Or perhaps what you'll just take from this feature is not the scariest films, but the films that provide the most laughs when drunk. Who knows. At least it'll be something.

Also, yeah, I'll actually only be reviewing ten. I have between 30-50 lying around the house (and some more I'm convinced are still in my old student house up north) but ain't nobody got time for that. Maybe I'll review the rest next Halloween...

Soon I'll be posting my first review which will be of...drum roll....The Amityville Haunting! So keep your eyes peeled!

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