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Thursday, 16 October 2014


Today I have the second review for my 'B-list horror movies challenge'. Basically, I love horror movies, and even find it kind of fun and amusing to watch the really bad ones. Don't ask me why, because I couldn't tell you why exactly. I also used to have a knack of always buying lots of unknown horror movies just because they were cheap or looked scary from the DVD case, which led me to having a whole stack in my room that I'd never actually gotten around to watching. Now I'm watching them and reviewing them for all of you, so now you can read MY review of these terrible movies before you go out and waste your money buying them yourselves...

Today I'm reviewing Hidden.

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Watched : Wednesday evening after work
Essential movie snacks : A crisp sandwich and a cup of tea
Watched with... : Alone, before going to sleep.
Score out of 5 : 2.5/5

The general premise of this film is that a scientist used to conduct experiments to help 'combat' addiction, believing that addiction can be separated from a person and almost made into it's own life form...Yeah it didn't make much sense to me either. But as these movies go, eventually the whole thing is covered up, the lady scientist dies, and her son receives a letter saying he has inherited her hospital or whatever. He gathers some friends and goes to check it out, apparently unaware of this secret underground chamber where his mother conducted these experiments DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE START OF THE FILM SEES HIM SITTING THERE ON THE FLOOR ALL CHEERY AS HIS MUM DOES SAID EXPERIMENTS.

Despite the dodge story line, the film is actually alright in a not-really-scary-but-interesting-for-an-hour-or-so way. I mean it isn't terrible and the scares are few and far between, but I admit that it held my attention throughout for the most part and I was eager to see how it ended. A few (okay, a lot) of the dumb characters were annoying and the ending was really predictable but overall, for a budget horror film it was an interesting concept.

I took 'notes' throughout the film which probably won't make sense unless you've seen it but here's what else I thought -

  • I like that his mum was the scientist. Usually the bad guys (or the ones who started it all) are old balding men. Ladies can be smart & bad ass too!
  • Why was she doing those experiments with her son sitting there WHAT TYPE OF MOTHER IS SHE
  • wait don’t answer that
  • How did he get into the apartment without a key
  • Why isn’t there snow on the trees outside the place (church, hospital, whatever)
  • Why are they going in search of a fly DOES IT EVEN MATTER
  • Is that Walter whites son
  • So it’s just about killer flies?!?
  • Simon is hilarious in a corny way with his constant HEY BABY ness
  • The side story about the lead dude and his ex is really unnecessary and boring
  • Why is she crying like a lil bitch
  • Hey that kid looks like me when I was young
  • Dodge fringe and all
  • So she cries at all the cages that held the children AND THEN THEY KISS IN THE same place
  • Got over that quickly didn’t ya
  • When his girl gets taken away from the demons and he screams don’t you touch her MATE SHES ALREADY GONE 
  • This film literally makes sense - someone’s addiction is born as a demon child? So what about sex or smoking addiction why do the children just go bonkers and kill everyone what addiction is that supposed to signify
  • That curtain looked like a bubble wall
  • Whatever that is
As you can see, for the most part I was very amused at this film. It was worth a watch - just the once - but I really wish I hadn't wasted money on it. I can't remember how much it was but it was the type of film I'd rather have streamed for free and watched with friends as a laugh. Still, it wasn't a total waste and at least I didn't feel like I wasted an hour and a half of my life watching.

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