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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Tonight I am reviewing Episode 50, a film that I thought would be exactly like Grave Encounters but was not (not that this fact made it good).

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Watched : Yesterday evening, ever so bored
Essential movie snacks : Crisps
Watched with... : My parents. They didn't think much of it either
Score out of 5 : 2.5/5

The story line turns out to actually be quite different once you get into it. It starts off with following a paranormal investigating team who have their own show debunking supposedly haunted locations. This is quite interesting because normally shows like that are trying to prove the existence of the paranormal, so to have a team actually trying to offer both sides of the story is quite refreshing. Eventually they get the chance to investigate what is supposedly one of the most haunted places ever (by some really creepy dude who is dying) and turn up to film their 50th episode, hoping to make it special. Unbeknownst to them, the creepy old dude has also promised the same thing to another group of rival investigators who are big on religion and insist that ghosts are real. The film promises to show the found footage from this 50th episode that was never aired for some mysterious reason.

So the film is built up really well and although it's a classic horror movie technique to promise the broadcast of footage never seen before, unfortunately the story line doesn't really follow through. There's this whole thing about an evil nurse who killed a boy who then went on to become a ghost, but then it turns out the nurse was actually innocent but possessed by an evil killer demon who opened a portal at another hospital..or something. It all got very confusing and I didn't really understand it. There was also a side story about two lovers from the rival team, including a girl who cried a lot and was supposed to help open this portal? I'm not really sure but it made no sense.

Eventually people get killed off and disappear and stuff and they have to travel to this other location to close the portal which again makes no sense. Why bring in a whole other haunted location that hasn't even been mentioned once in the movie?

The CGI effects are pretty cool other wise but the ghosts appearing throughout actually have nothing to do with the movie and are just there to break up scenes.

And don't get me started on the ending. Again it made no sense, the graphics were really bad and it was a complete anti climax.

The only good thing about this film?

The fact that the lead character - even though he was a complete douche - was kind of cute. So, y'know. Eye candy and all.

Anyway. Here are my not-so-hilarious 'notes' I made during the movie.
  • So corny 
  • Hey that guy is kind of hot 
  • But he also looks like a bit of a typical douchbag 
  • At least they’re being honest and not pretending there’s ghosts in this persons house to make money 
  • Why is this creepy guy who owns the haunted place rambling on about all the bad shit he’s done just get to the damn point 
  • It's actually interesting that were ‘following’ the team trying to debunk ghosts actually 
  • This Damon character always seems to have sweat patches beneath his arms 
  • One of the dead bees moved SO SCARY (not)
  • Wait weren’t those two fighting earlier & now they’re high fiving over catching a ghost on film
  • Okay this guy is screaming 'After all you’ve seen you have to believe!' whilst dying. And worlds corniest death goes to…
  • Oh here we go, back to the creepy guy
  • Why are you crying man you sent them in there #idiot

Again, like the last movie I reviewed, I felt the premise of the movie was interesting..but unfortunately the film really didn't deliver.

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