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Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Tonight I'm reviewing Black Christmas - a film that was actually quite good! I cheated a little here, being that I've seen parts of this film before but I still picked it up real cheap in the horror movie section of CEX a couple of years back. It's also a remake!

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Watched : Last night half asleep, and this morning during my lazy day off
Essential movie snacks : Nothing actually!
Watched with... : No one ha
Score out of 5 : 4.5/5

So basically it's about these sorority girls who are having a Christmas weekend or whatever over the holidays. Picture a snow storm and a house with the most beautiful decorations. We soon find out however that the house has a gruesome past when years ago a guy named Billy was raped by his own mum because she wanted a baby girl and wasn't happy with her son Billy. Billy went a bit bonkers and killed his mum and step dad because they didn't love him enough, then, uh, made Christmas cookies out of his mums flesh and ate it. Lovely.

It's a standard slasher/killer movie where Billy goes on a rampage after a star studded cast including scream-queen Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Final Destination, The Thing, Live Free or Die Hard, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), Katie Cassidy (A Nightmare on Elm Street - the remake) and Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy, 17 Again) - and more. Each death is just as gruesome as the last and this Billy character is a total weirdo and pervert.

He hides in the floors and walls and stuff and at one point in the movie, a floor tile moves in the bathroom and you can just see his one eye watching a girl shower *shudders*.

This movie is quite gruesome but also has a strong storyline. With so many characters, I thought it would be a bit confusing but actually because they were all so different it was really easy to follow. I suppose it isn't for the faint-hearted in that it mixes death and Christmas and actually received backlash from lots of religious organisations because of this point. 

Overall, so far out of all my B-list horror movies, this one has probably been the best so far. It did disturb me a little, everyone seemed to know how to act and even though there were a few typical unrealistic scenes (yknow, the usual, like them going after the killer instead of just leaving), I quite liked it.

I think it's the type of movie ideal for a date night or movie night with your other half, or even if you're just planning on watching a bunch of horror movies with your friends. Just make sure you don't watch it in a sorority house with a dark history...

My notes are kind of crap because I was watching this half asleep but still.

  • I bloody love Christmas
  • Ewwwww he's eating her skin
  • Tastes like chicken...because it's chicken LOL (creepy guy in the prison made this joke about the prison food)
  • Lots of famous ladies!
  • I love Mary Elizabeth Winstead, she's so cool
  • Ewwww he ripped out her eye
  • Ewwww his eye is in the floor/he's under the floor watching her shower
  • The house is really pretty
  • I can't wait for Christmas
This is a film I WOULD actually recommend spending your money on or watching!

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