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Monday, 1 September 2014


With the weather being so horrid these past couple of days, I can't help wishing for a nice pair of winter boots to warm my tootsies. It's no longer the weather for sandles, ballet pumps and the like. Instead we're all itching to buy ultra warm boots that will not only keep our feet warm but also, more importantly, dry. Thankfully the shops have answered my prayers and are beginning to stock lots of winter fashion right now which of course includes lots of shoes for winter.

Here are some of my top picks of the boots I'm lusting after right now.

And please excuse my poor Polyvore editing effects, I'll keep practicing, I promise...

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There's kind of a mix here, although typically a lot of boots are in the usual autumn shades of browns, beige and black etc. But thankfully there's a real mix of different styles and not just ugg boots *shudders*. The H&M ones (aka the stylish ones) are probably my favourite which is weird because a few years ago these would have been the kind of style that I'd avoided at all costs! But I suppose working in retail (and around these shoes constantly) does alter your opinion, especially when you see the way they've been styled and I'm definitely loving them at the moment. I think these are the proper 'stylish' pair of the collection.

The ones from Deichmann (the edgy ones) are also a favourite of mine, if even because I've been after a similar pair for a good few years now. Ever since I've seen the biker/military boots (I don't even know the proper name for them) that Sophia Monk wore in Blink 182's video for 'Always', I've wanted a pair. I think they can look so edgy and rock chick but I've found it increasingly hard to find a pair that are a little feminine too as often they look very manly. I spotted these when browsing the shops before work the other week and let me tell you, the picture doesn't really do them justice, 

The going out pair, from River Island, I think are super stylish and cute. These are ideal for a night out when it's really cold outside because no one really wants to be wearing strappy heels when it's been raining or it's snowing or whatever (not to mention heels are really dangerous when it's icy out). These are a bit more safe and warm without being too boring. I think they're also really fashionable too.

The practical pair from New Look are just that - rather then being suede and more likely to get wet for example, these leather look finish boots are perfect for the really snowy days. They're knee high which means they'll be really warm as well, and I doubt the rain and snow will get through these! I'm not too keen on the length of them but the colour is nice, as well as a contrast to the darker browns that seem to be so popular this winter.

Finally, we have the super comfy ones from Dorothy Perkins that kind of have me wishing for cold weather. I can just imagine my feet being sooo warm in these knit collar ankle boots. They're really cute too and I can't stop thinking about how sweet they'd look with thick tights and a skirt, proving that you don't always have to live in jeans or trousers once the weather gets cold.

What do you think? Will you be treating yourself to a new pair of boots this winter? Let me know!

P.S Both H&M & Dorothy Perkins are offering 25% discount online at the moment!

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