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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


One of my favourite parts about attending blogger events is checking out and discovering new brands. Meeting brands in such a laid back setting somehow always makes me love a brand more than I would usually because I often have a chance to chat to the faces behind the brand and hear about the company's history or it's values. It's so nice to have a little chat with these people and put a face to a name and I often find myself much more likely to buy from a brand then, just because it's a different way to discover them.

Bloggers Love Fashion week did not disappoint in introducing me to new people. From fashion companies to beauty brands, I was pleasantly surprised and left with a whole new shopping list developing in my mind, already just knowing where I'd be heading come payday!

Didi's Boutique have become a firm favourite of mine and I absolutely love their stylish but affordable fashion. I managed to pick up a loose fitting coral top, a sky blue top with embellished shoulders (which I wore on the second day of BLFW and that my sister has already borrowed for herself!) and a gorgeous but daring and edgy faux leather and lace black dress. Some of their stuff ranges from casual everyday wear to more glamorous fashion for nights out and formal events - all of which is at affordable prices. I like that they do a bit of everything - and even a little bit of daring stuff too - all under one roof for really fair prices.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | BLFW // Brand Focus; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; BLFW; Bloggers Love Fashion Week; Sound Chick Accessories
Orange Pheasant Feather/Leather Slim Cuff from Sound Chick Accessories
I adore Sound Chick Accessories, absolutely loving their feather accessories! It's the type of thing that sounds tacky on paper but really, really isn't. I particularly loved their glamorous hair pieces, but the pair of shoes covered in feathers were to die for as well! The wrist cuffs are particularly edgy and different, whilst the earrings are so very beautiful!

Another brand worthy of a mention is Betty's Bikini's who are a fairly new company but definitely caught my eye! The lady behind it all has an array of edgy bikinis on offer - the kind of show stopping ones that you just want to show off or that you want to buy as an excuse to go on holiday. Some are covered in stylish chains, others in bling and bows. If you really want to stand out on your next holiday, then this is where you need to grab your bikini from...

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | BLFW // Brand Focus; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; BLFW; Bloggers Love Fashion Week; Fever Designs
Folklore Pocket Dress Black, from Fever Designs[source]
Finally, I am also pretty much in love with Fever Designs, a company that showcases a stunning array of clothing and some full on beautiful vintage dresses. I've never been a huge fan of vintage which is unusual for a blogger, but I absolutely adored some of their pieces showcased at BLFW. A lot of them had a modern twist and some of their dresses had a real funky 60s feel to them. During the task of styling our model, we made sure she tried on some of the dresses from Fever Designs and I've already decided on one dress I want to buy ASAP!

These are just some of the many brands I enjoyed meeting and checking out at BLFW, and are also some that really stood out for me. There are lots of brands I need to check out further and I'm looking forward to rooting through all the business cards I was given and finding out more once I have time! 

What do you think of the brands I've mentioned in today's post? Are you already a fan of any of these? Let me know!

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