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Saturday, 2 August 2014


Warning - this post is for the girls! Boys, look away now!

I think there are a few (sort of) necessary steps to take in life to really feel like a woman. These necessary steps include splurging a ridiculous amount of money on something not-needed-but-wanted-oh-so-bad like glamorous lingerie, a new dress you'll only ever wear once etc, owning lots and lots of shoes and having your first ever bikini wax. 

For a long time, I didn't understand the latter. Okay, I got the whole concept of the benefits you get with it (silky smooth skin, feeling so womanly and sexy, looking bloody awesome in a bikini and not having to worry about looking 'untamed' at certain angles) but there was always one very big negative that stopped me from taking the plunge and that negative is simply OUCH. That's not to say I don't already keep myself 'neat' so to speak, or that I haven't attempted my own methods of hair removal (especially when there's been the possibility of peen making a visit) but generally I've been lead to understand that shaving or using an epilator just doesn't do waxing justice.

The benefits sound great, but is it all really worth having hot wax poured over your most intimate area and then violently having the hair ripped out?

The answer is yes. Yes it is.

A few days ago I decided to go for it, courtesy of the lovely Hannah who has just opened up a waxing salon in the uber-cool Soho, called The Golden Touch. I was nervous, to say the least, but luckily Hannah put me completely at ease. She explained what she was doing throughout, kept me chatting away to distract me from any pain and generally was all round fab. Once the first strip was off and I knew what to expect, I relaxed completely. It's really not as daunting as you think, yknow, considering you've got it all out for a complete stranger to see and you're basically having hair ripped out of your bajingo. In actual fact, the sheer fact that I felt incredibly more sexy and womanly and just all round better afterwards made those tiny negatives seem like nothing at all.

But onto the important stuff; Hannah did a great job. I was left feeling silky smooth and although I was a little sensitive afterwards, there was no further pain. I honestly could not fault her in the slightest, but I do feel the salon itself has a little way to go in terms of what you'd expect to see in a salon. Don't get me wrong, I felt completely relaxed in the room that I was in, but it wasn't exactly a 'spa' setting, which I'm not sure you're supposed to have when it's just a waxing salon. Being that she's only been open for a few months though, this is entirely expected and I've no doubt that it won't be long until we start to see plush sofas in there with darkened lights and incense burning throughout. However, she is also in the awesome area of Soho, which is cool in it's own right of course, but is also just around the corner from Oxford Street!

I'd without a doubt recommend popping along to The Golden Touch for all your waxing needs, especially if it's your first time. You'll want someone you can trust and who will make you feel at ease, and Hannah is exactly that. Luckily, Hannah was lovely enough to send me a Golden Ticket for Inspire Magazine, offering all you lovely readers discount. It's the perfect incentive to head down!

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So what are you waiting for?! 

What about you guys? What were you like for your first ever bikini waxes? Let me know!

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    1. Go for it, you'll never look back haha! I was a wimp too, I think everyone is their first time, that's why you gotta find someone who you can trust and who will put you at ease :) x


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