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Saturday, 12 July 2014


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Since working at H&M, not only have I been spending all my money on lovely clothes, but I've also been checking out loads of cool artists or digging lots of new releases since they play some pretty cool playlists. There are an odd few songs I don't like, but generally the songs have to be good if you don't mind listening to the same ones every single day. 

Which I don't.

Cause some of them are real good.

So I've put together a little playlist of what I've been listening to recently and what songs I think are going to be big this month. There's a mix of new releases, old classics (for example, an old favourite of everyone's - Smooth - which I've been listening to a lot since my friend was randomly listening to it) and just a few funky songs that have a real relaxed summer chill vibe to them. I simply cannot get Cadillac Girl out of my head and it just makes me think of long summer drives.

There's not much to say except for enjoy!

And let me know what you think!

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  1. Great playlist!! The Maine and The Downtown Fiction are two bands that appear several times on my playlist.

    1. They're both huge favourites of mine :) x


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