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Wednesday, 30 July 2014


My favourite thing about Netflix is how much choice you have. No matter what you're in the mood for, whether it be romance, comedy, horror etc, you'll always find something to watch to pass the time. But sometimes I log on and find I don't quite know what I fancy. Usually I want something that's easy watching and doesn't require much attention, but I'm not in the mood for something cliche or typical.

Which is why I've composed this list of what is, in my opinion, the best offbeat/weird/non-generic films on Netflix right now. Really it's just a suggestion of films you might not have seen before and that are a little bit different. Some of them might not be all that good, but the storyline's are different and they're certainly good enough to keep you entertained for an hour or two.

The Pill takes place after a one night stand between Mindy and Fred, who have unprotected sex and therefore leads to Mindy having to take the morning after pill the following day. To ensure Mindy takes both doses of the pill, they have to spend the day together despite Fred having prior engagements. Throughout the day, Fred discovers his connection to quirky and oddball Mindy, but as always, it's not smooth sailing. Mindy's character can be a little over the top at points, but nonetheless, the plot is original and this movie made me laugh quite a bit.

In hindsight, I didn't actually find Timer that good, but I feel it's worth a watch just because of the storyline. It's basically all about a device which counts down until you meet your soulmate and essentially when you meet them a certain alarm will sound. It's definitely a neat subject and it's worth a watch as it's interesting, but overall, I wouldn't watch it again.

Electrick Children is a super weird film that to this day I don't think I understand, but I'm glad I watched it anyway. It's a total oddball film about a Mormon teenager who listens to music on a cassette for the first time and falls pregnant, believing that she has conceived miraculously through the medium of music. She flees her community and travels to Las Vegas to go in search of the father, who she believes is the man singing on the tape. It's a very odd and quirky film but it's funny and has some great acting in it. It was the film cover that really attracted me to this film and even though I still don't understand it, I'd say it's well worth a watch nonetheless!

I've reviewed Tonight You're Mine before and even though the end itself is typically cliche, I really love the setting, the music and the way the film pans out. I don't believe it's something that has been done before and it certainly drew me in. It has gone on to become a favourite film of mine.

Nesting tells the story of a couple who have falling into the typical routine that faces people when they grow up - they've bought a house together and don't do anything spontaneous or different anymore. So when Neil suggests taking a trip back to the town where they met, Sarah is apprehensive at first but eventually agrees. They find their old apartment and end up trespassing in it and sleeping in it whilst they pause real life and go back to how things were when they first met. It's a really sweet and funny lighthearted film about re-discovering the connections and lust for adventure that you lose as you grow up. It also has an amazing soundtrack.

So there we have five off-beat easy watching films that I've found on Netflix and that are perfect for those evenings when you want to escape but you're not quite sure what you want to watch. Have you watched any of these? Let me know what you think!

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