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Monday, 14 July 2014


I've always been a self confessed book worm, ever since I was a little girl. I loved going on all kinds of adventures, whether that be making a mud pie with my two best friends one summers evening, or delivering post with the Jolly Christmas postman (sort of, in my mind anyway...) in winter. It's safe to say though that I was more likely to have my head buried in a book, as opposed to playing kiss chase down the park. A slightly different topic of conversation for a moment though - what REALLY was the point of kiss chase? Weren't we all too scared to kiss once we were caught anyway, and instead demanded it was the opposite sex's turn to run instead of us?

...anyway. Books have always been my escape and to this day I always have one book or another buried in my bag for breaks at work, long bus journeys or for just when boredom settles in. There's something real special about how just turning the pages can allow you to be someone entirely different for even just a few minutes at a time. You can completely forget about everything going on around you or in your life and lose yourself in an entire different world. Books can make you cry or laugh. They can inspire you and inform you. They can even get you thinking about becoming a writer yourself!

So in aid of my love for books, I've decided to post (in no particular order!) about my five favourite books of all time. 

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The bad-ass one that is completely different from all the others
Married with Zombies | Jesse Petersen

The first time I discovered this book was technically due to research purposes, since for a long time now I've been planning to write my own zombie/chick lit novel. I had no idea that anyone had crossed these genres before, and although this story isn't THAT chick lit, it's still pretty damn cool and bad-ass too. It's the first of a trilogy and follows married couple, Sarah and David, who have to survive the zombie apocalypse...whilst being on the brink of divorce. It's witty, funny and extremely refreshing to read something that is lighthearted without giving in to the usual girly cliches of chick lit.

The one that really opened my eyes
Noughts & Crosses | Malorie Blackman

I've had this copy since I was a teenager and have re-read it so many times that some of the pages are almost falling out. I'd like to think that if I ever had kids, I'd one day pass it on to them as I think it's the type of book everyone should read at least once. It's a real eye opener and a story that deals with racism - only it's white people who are being discriminated against, many of them poor and even unable to attend school. It's a pretty haunting account of what life used to be and still is in some ways for people of different races and on top of everything, it's also a dramatic and moving love story that never fails to make me cry every single damn time.

The effortlessly cool one
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist | David Levithan and Rachel Cohn

I fell in love with this movie, then it's soundtrack and then finally the book that it's all based upon. Yes, I've already reviewed the movie and book on this blog, but it's still a favourite of mine I read time and time again. It's an almost entirely accurate account of what really goes on in girls and boys heads when they like each other and just how easily signals can get mixed up. It also pays homage to those epic and seemingly never ending nights fulled by music and/or alcohol that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

The one that inspired me (and everyone else..!) to take a chance do everything
I Heart New York | Lindsey Kelk

Okay so almost everyone has read this anyway but I'm not surprised since it's so damn good. The character of Angela taught us that it's alright to have a little cry when you go through some tough shit like your douche bag of a boyfriend cheating on you, but it's even more fun to then do something drastic like fly halfway across the world to start a new life in New York. Sure, we can't ALL do that, but you'd be lying if you said you haven't been tempted to move to NY after reading this book, especially in the hopes of bagging a band boy like Alex *swoon*. Seriously though, this book is every girls best friend that is lighthearted, funny, inspiring and it's just the perfect read no matter what madness is going on around you. (Unless it's a zombie apocalypse, in which case I'd suggest putting the book down but instead perhaps grabbing book #1 on this list for future reference...)

The one that taught me that it is possible to marry a rock star one day and very occasionally bad boys can be tamed (but I won't hold my breath about it)
Johnny Be Good | Paige Toon

Another chick lit, but this time one that's not all lighthearted and focuses on drama and some real issues that come with hooking up with a huge rock star, this is definitely the type of book to read when your current life is boring you. It's the only book of Paige Toon's I've read (bar it's sequel) but boy was I impressed. You'd think the story line about bagging the dream job of becoming a rockstars P.A and then becoming involved with said rockstar would be completely cliche and unbelievable...but somehow this is so realistic that I'm beginning to think that may Paige Toon did shack up with a rockstar once (tell us who!) because this story is spot on about what a rockstars life is really like behind closed doors. 

I could never fault any of this books, and these five are the few that I can re-read over and over again without getting bored. Each time I read each story I pick up on something new, laugh harder then before, cry (discreetly) more than matter how many times I read these, I never find myself knowing exactly what's going to happen, more often then not submerging myself in the stories without much clue of what's going to happen next on each page. Which is exactly what a book should do, right?

Do you have any favourite books you end up coming back to time and time again? Let me know!

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