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Monday, 16 June 2014


There is just one problem I have with my new job, and unfortunately it's a big one. Apart from that, everyone is fine. I get plenty of hours, lots of opportunities to pick up overtime and a day or two off during the week to catch up on sleep/Orange is the New Black/stuff my face. It's only half an hour away by bus and everyone in store is so friendly and welcoming. Except....except...EVERYTHING IS SO DAMN PRETTY AND STYLISH AND I WANT IT ALL.
It is absolutely killing me being faced with so many pretty clothes on a regular basis and it's so tough not buying it all. I've always liked H&M clothes but I was never a huge shopper there, but now that I work with the clothes all the time I find so many beautiful hidden gems. I also get to see how different looks are put together and really cool ways to style things (because lets face it, I'm terrible at styling myself but even the best of us bloggers have to get our inspiration somewhere).
I love that there's different ranges in store too but that you can also head down to stock up on your very basics and still be faced with a fair range of items, so that that plain white top you really need doesn't necessarily have to be a standard white top that everyone has.
Anyway, there's a hell of a lot that I want right now, but for the meantime here is a little wish list of things I want the most and will no doubt be purchasing with my first paycheck..

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1. Jersey vest top, £3.99 | 2. Jumpsuit, £12.99 | 3. Multistrand necklace £7.99 | 4. Sandles with laces £24.99 | 5. Twill shorts £14.99
H&M have some really lovely stuff in at the moment; modern but classy work wear and lots of bold and bright items ideal for music festivals. However, I've really been eyeing up the above products.
I love the jersey vest top which is a really thin and loose fit top yet still bang on trend at the same time. It's the perfect thing to pair with skinny jeans when having a lazy day and will still look stylish. The jumpsuit is probably my favourite item at all. It's basic and light weight but it's so cute! I think it'll look great with a little belt and lots of gold accessories (perhaps the statement gold necklace?). I also think it's perfect for some gigs this summer. The shorts are another wardrobe staple, simply because I don't really have any stylish shorts. A lot of mine are just simple denim shorts, so again I think these will be a great way to look more made up when just lazing in the sun this summer. The shoes and necklace speak for themselves really, don't they? They're just really pretty!
I can't wait to revamp my wardrobe once I get paid and without a doubt that playsuit is first on my list...
What do you think? Are you a fan of H&M for their basics? Or do you prefer to shop elsewhere, like Primark for example, for even cheaper items? Let me know!
P.S Please excuse my shoddy graphic design skills!

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