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Monday, 12 May 2014


It's Monday. Again. Yes, it's now in the evening but I still loathe the fact that I had to get up early this morning and roll out of bed to face the cold. Then again, who doesn't hate a Monday?? I've done a few of these posts before (both a 'cheer up, we all know Monday's suck' and money saving posts) but today I'm going to mix two into one. Because I know these little tips to help you earn more money won't be enough for you to give up your job and say goodbye to early Monday mornings forever, but it can definitely play a hand in helping you save for something you're really looking forward to. I've recently been subtly moving money across into a savings account, which I'll be using in future for travel and/or gigs.

So first of all well done for getting through another crappy Monday! And second of all, kick back with a cuppa, read through some of these tips and dream about what you can put all this extra money towards...

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Putting a few hours aside a week can make so much difference in earning a little more cash. I work part time, so I have more time then others, but to be honest I still only tend to put an hour or two aside every other evening. When it comes to websites like survey websites or things like that, often you have to earn a certain amount before you can withdraw (generally between £10 & £20). However, ignoring that for one second, if I had to add up all the 'money' I have on different websites, ready to withdraw once I hit the withdrawal target, I have about £151.44 floating around! This alone could easily pay for a little weekend break away somewhere, so it's perfect to put aside for a rainy day or save back for when you really need a small break.

About half of this has been earned steadily over the past six months or so, on websites such as Survey Network, YouGov & Vindale, but I'd say at least £70ish has been earned recently on newer websites I've discovered over the past couple of months. Survey Network & the others mentioned above are survey websites, and out of all the ones I currently use, these probably take the longest to hit target. But, I find YouGov is particularly good because the surveys are always short and quite straightforward for usually 50 points per time (which I think works out at 50p), although I forget check this as often as I should for new surveys.

Inspire Magazine Online: UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog - Little tips to up your income; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; Money Saving; Slicethepie; Slice The Pie

I think a lot of people are aware of these websites, but they're are a few newer ones that have really helped me lately. Slicethepie for example, helps you earn between 3p & 10p by listening to a 30 second clip of a song and simply reviewing it in just a few sentences. This is great for me because I love listening to new music anyway.

GlobalTestMarket is a firm favourite of mine, and I find I tend to withdraw £30 every couple of months with minimal effort. There's always a bunch of surveys to do as well so it's rare that there's never any to do (although I've noticed when I get close to cashing out sometimes I get screened out a lot more, but that might just be coincidence!). Swagbucks is similar to GlobalTestMarket too, and is great because you get bonus points for hitting a daily target and can get loads of points easily/free every day just by viewing short videos or using their search bar.

People Per Hour is absolutely fab, although you might find it takes a bit of time to get that first person to take a chance on you and offer you work. You basically offer up hourlie services, such as offering to spell check a 500 word document for £6 an hour. You can also scroll through other jobs that people post and submit a proposal to get work that way. Once you do start getting work, you're pretty much sorted though as you'll find a lot of companies/people tend to have ongoing work and will come back to you for any other work they need doing.

Clixsense and iPoll haven't earned me much, yet, but I haven't been using them for long. They're very eays to use, Clixsense is basically just clicking on and viewing an Internet advertisement for 10 seconds or so for 1p each (not much but every little helps!) or you can complete mini tasks for 7p or 8p, which is usually just googling a phrase and answering a short form about where the desired result appeared on Google etc. iPoll is more of an app for your phone, but I find it pretty fun because the surveys are short and easy to do and sometimes you're required to film a short film with your opinion, or some surveys can be taken on site at Tesco or somewhere if you're doing your shopping!

Inspire Magazine Online: UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog - Little tips to up your income; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; Money Saving; Depop;

The Depop app is particularly popular right now. It's pretty much a nicer version of Ebay, specifically for clothes and accessories. It's used by a lot of bloggers, and it's the easiest way to sell things through your phone. You just snap a photo, type in some details and you're done. It's displayed just like Instagram too, meaning your clothes look a lot nicer and you can even apply subtle filters too.

So as explained a few times before, a lot of it is based on how much effort you put in yourself. If you use just a couple of sites, it doesn't seem like much, but if you use a variety of different websites and apps like me & put an hour or so aside each evening, it all adds up to a nice little bonus. I've taken to immediately saving this money, so I live off what I actually earn at work, and will put this extra money towards traveling in the future. Knowing that I'm working towards saving money for something so exciting also helps motivate me.

Finally, a few further tips. It helps to keep a word document of how much you have on each website (& how much you need before you can withdraw), as there are so many and it's easy to forget which ones to log onto. Either put a few hours aside a day or every other day, or do them all on one day a week like on a Sunday afternoon. Don't forget to use cash back websites such as Quidco too, as these are ideal for bigger purchases like when you're due a phone upgrade or booking train tickets or a holiday! And finally, try and get some of your friends in on it too. A lot of them offer an incentive where if you get somebody else to sign up, you'll get a bonus extra % depending on what they earn (but it's not taken from them!) over the first month or so. With all the links in this blog post I have used my referral URL, but because I'm typing up this post to help YOU and not help myself, I'm telling you so! So just as proof that I'm not writing this just to earn extra cash for myself, feel free to google the names I've used and sign up that way.

So there you have it! These are just some small ways you can earn a little extra cash from the comfort of your own home - ideal for when it's a rainy day and you're bored out of your mind. I also have lots of other tips in regards to how to find the cheapest travel costs, how to get into mystery shopping and how to get lots of freebies, but if you'd like to see a similar post about any of these, let me know!

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  1. I wanna see the cheap travel posts! Loved this, very useful! xx

    1. Ah wow thank you! I think I will get a few travel on the cheap related posts up then, I'm always off to random places to it'll be interesting to share my wisdom :) xx

  2. One site that is well worth a look is The Money Shed ( - It is a UK site dedicated to helping people earn money online from home. It covers the usual methods like Field Agent, Roamler, 63336, Appen, Mystery Shopping and everything else in-between. Pop over and take a look!

    1. Just checking it out now and it's very useful! Another reason why I love choosing to try and earn some extra money this way - it's very much like a whole online community :)

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