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Wednesday, 14 May 2014


It's no secret that I love London and being that it's only a short 40 minute train ride away, I regularly find myself heading into the bustling and vibrant city for some reason or another. My favourite thing about London is that it's so accommodating. Whatever you want - whoever you are, whatever your interests - there will always be something up your street. From dining in the dark to password protected whisky bars (which require entry through an old fridge door!), you'll never run out of things to do in the popular capital.

Even better, we've got some pretty amazing tourist attractions to offer, but also some really cool and quirky other things often going on, strictly kept hidden among dedicated Londoners (and me. Not really. These aren't THAT secret, but they're definitely not classed as tourist attractions). I myself am looking forward to a lovely summer in London once the sun comes out for good, and I can already see myself tagging along to all of these things I've discovered lately.

Here are just some things that are coming to London soon, all of which you'd be mad to miss out on.

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Outdoor cinema is no longer just an American thing but as always, London is offering something more. Viewing films outdoors is becoming more and more popular lately so there's so many different variations on offer. If you fancy braving it, you can attend Hot Tub Cinema (yes, it does involve sitting in a hot tub whilst watching), or for the more reserved bunch of you, there's also just standard Pop Up Screens, which feature movies in some of London's most beautiful parks. Finally, if you dare, Nomad host outdoor screenings at some of London's coolest & weirdest locations, one of which includes a graveyard...

For those of you who like to get fit & have fun in the process - I am here to tell you it IS possible. The infamous Colour Run is FINALLY coming to London this summer, and this electric festival is the perfect excuse to get in shape. It's basically a 5k run where you turn up in white clothing and get covered in colourful dry paint! Just imagine how awesome you'll look at the finish line...The Colour Run is unfortunately sold out for this year, which is a good thing really because as it's only next month, I don't think any of us would have the time to train ourselves up enough! However, you can still tag along to watch, and I'd also keep this in mind for next summer...

Inspire Magazine Online : UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog // Upcoming and quirky things to do in London this summer; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; London; Colour Run

I have real fond memories of giant water fights with my friends when I was younger and it looks like a more grown up version is making it's way to London in June. Aptly named Street Wars, this amazing water fight goes one step further in which you're actually given the details of an 'assassin' who is your target. The event takes place over a good month or so (once you 'kill' or rather 'squirt' your subject, you are then given the subject they were supposed to kill and so on so fourth) and it's pricey at £60 per ticket, but apparently there is a cash prize. And despite that, when else are you going to have the opportunity to take part in such an epic water fight?!

Finally, even though it's not so much a secret & has been going on for years now, Camden Rocks returns in a few weeks time to offer over 200 rock bands performing in some of Camden's best pubs. Tickets are a mere £25 and feature top bands such as The Subways, The Blackout & Blitz Kids. Perfect for when you want to spend a lazy day transitioning between different pubs in the London sunshine, slowly growing more and more tipsy by the beer on tap...

This is just a small glimpse of some awesome things going on in London this summer, some of which I've only discovered this week. Without a doubt I'll be mooching along to Camden Rocks and Hot Tub Cinema, and, if money allows, hopefully some of the others too!

Are you doing anything oddball in London this summer? Let me know your thoughts & plans!

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