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Saturday, 8 February 2014


I recently had the chance to review a mi-fi device for Three Mobile Broadband and to be honest, it couldn't have come at a better time. The whole idea of it is to create your own Wi-Fi spot or use this little device on the go. However, my current Wi-Fi connection has been terrible lately, quite possibly because of the weather. All the sounds and pictures being out of sync on Netflix lately has been driving me mad and sometimes my connection just drops for no reason at all!

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So I was really pleased to be able to try this out and it was such a lifesaver. For a blogger, the internet is practically my lifeline (I'm sure a few of you agree with me here) and to have slow or unreliable broadband just isn't helpful when you're blogging or writing. A lot of you might agree with me that in some ways, blogging is a lot more than a hobby - it's a way to gain skills, create new opportunities and maybe even make money. To not be able to get a post up on time or being unable to reply to important emails because of a bad broadband connection can seem very unprofessional.

So Three Mobile Broadband was kind of ideal for me, not just in general but as a blogger too. I managed to use the device whilst travelling up to London recently, plugging it in and creating my own Wi-Fi spot which was so great for being on the move. I've got a few blogging events coming up that will actually require me to tweet and update from the event, so even though I was only sent this product to review, it's something I'm personally thinking about purchasing because I know how beneficial it will be to me.

Additionally, it was really easy to set up too, which was another bonus for me. I always struggle with setting up technology; it's great when it's up and running but GETTING it set up is never simple! This took me less then five minutes though!

It's a small device, meaning it fits easily in your handbag, and the signal it creates is really strong. I think it's definitely a perfect example of the next generation of on the go Wi-Fi or, rather, 'Mi-Fi' and if your someone who is always tweeting or emailing or even Instagramming on the go (and let's face it, who isn't? It's not just us bloggers!) then you should definitely think about bagging yourself one of these amazing devices.
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