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Thursday, 13 February 2014


I use Grammarly to check plagiarism online because I constantly make spelling or grammar mistakes otherwise, despite having spell check!

Lonely hearts unite - this is the PERFECT product for you this valentines...

I've been a bit AWOL with blogging this week and have genuinely enjoyed having a bit of time out to take a stand back and evaluate exactly where my life is going. I know I'm not the only one to have felt like this - I think there comes a time (or two!) in life when a lot of us have to take a pause and try and really think what's working and what isn't.

However, I couldn't help but blog about this somewhat amazing (as well as beyond creepy) product when it popped up on my newsfeed earlier today.
Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog: Lonely Hearts Unite // The Perfect Valentines Gift; valentines day; quirky gifts; makeout pillow; inspire magazine online

I find it pretty hard to understand why anyone would want to buy this - inexperienced or not, I'm sure you can find someone to practise on? I have so many questions! Think back to when you were a teen, inexperienced and head over heels in love, nervous about your first ever first date but also desperate to impress. Would you go through with such extreme measures to ensure your kissing skills were up to scratch? Would you find alternative things to practice on such as the back of your hand (understandable) or your dog (not so much). Finally, why on earth would anyone ever make anything like this in the first place?

I think the most disturbing part about all of this is the idea of someone buying a bunch of CPR dummy mouths in bulk to make this product. Why are CPR dummy mouths sold individually as opposed to with the rest of the face? I simply can't wrap my head around any of this but it certainly amused me!

I kind of love how creepy it is but can't say I'll be buying myself one anytime soon...

Saying that, I think this would be the most perfect oddball gift for your other half, y'know, if you're that type of couple that can joke about disturbing stuff like this!

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