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Sunday, 26 January 2014


I wanted to talk about something a little different on the blog today - something that is most certainly beauty related, but not necessarily often discussed in the blogsphere - and that's hair removal. One of my favourite things about being a woman is things that are quite specific to us - being able to wear makeup, playing around and experimenting with different hairstyles and perhaps best of all - having silky smooth skin. I'm especially biased when it comes to my Sunday evening ritual or having a night out. Every Sunday I love taking an evening to myself and having a long bath, pampering myself and slathering on lotion so that I end up with lovely smelling, looking and feeling skin. And on a night out, I'm a firm believer of flaunting what you have - hence why you'll always see me in short dresses and tall heels that make the best of my legs, one of my favourite parts of my body. Just ask my friends - usually once I have a few I demand they feel my legs and be in as awe as I am at how smooth they feel!

Unfortunately, it does come at a price. Hair removal can be such a long process that takes part far too often and can even be painful. Shaving nearly every day takes it's toll so bad that even I admit on the days that I know I'm not leaving the house and no one will be seeing my legs, I do skip shaving as my daily routine (this is probably why I'm single). Waxing isn't an option for me - it seems far too painful and silly to go through that pain for something that isn't permanent and I'll only have to do again in a few months time.

So what other options does that leave me? Laser hair removal seems to tick all the boxes. It's virtually painless, and what's even better is that after a few treatments, it's pretty much permanent too. It seems much more tempting than waxing which is painful and regular, and even though laser hair removal might hurt just a little, I'd much rather put up with that small pain for a few sessions if it means being completely smooth in the long run and not having to worry about it anymore. Laser removal treatment doesn't have to be painful and it's certainly less painful then waxing!

Sk:n clinics is a fab laser hair removal clinic that is completely safe and affordable. At Sk:n clinics, they take the time to do skin tests and consultations to ensure that you're getting the right treatment, and the hair removal treatments aren't too expensive either which is a bonus! If laser hair removal is something that you're thinking about lately, then Sk:n clinics would be perfect for you.

A lot of my friends have admitted to giving in and having hair removal treatments in the past and have agreed that when it comes to hair removal, it is one of the best options out there with pretty much permanent results. Therefore it's something I'm definitely considering! For more information, check out the Sk:n clinic website. You can view Sk:n clincis affordable prices on the website or you can just go ahead and check out their blog for more information.

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