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Saturday, 7 December 2013


So every road trip needs a few decent playlists and I have to admit, putting some together for our road trip was one of the best parts! The three of us all have similar music taste, so at first it seemed pretty easy. When I began to organize the songs though, it was pretty hard! For example, would a Busted song be more suitable for a cheese playlist or a pop punk anthem playlist? What exactly constitutes a pop punk anthem - a personal favourite song of mine, or a song that everyone used to love when they were 16? It was tough!

I didn't even have time to put the songs in a decent order, oh forgive me, I know, it's terrible, but I literally did not just have enough time! So the playlists may be a little shaky and random but I promise you there's still a great selection.

I even made some album covers for them because I'm weird like that...

So the three playlists I made (in no particular order) are..

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Cheese songs and an album/playlist cover that even includes accompanying listening situations! We didn't sing along to this playlist drunk at 3am but we did listen to it a lot whilst driving, in fact it was the first playlist we put on. From Hot Chocolate to Enrique Iglesias this IS the ultimate cheese on toast playlist. Everyone knows the lyrics. Whether you can sing or not, you can't help but singing along at the top of your voice and laughing your head off.

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I totally poked fun at us with this playlist cover because this playlist featured all the 'going out' songs, but not necessarily all the mainstream ones. Being that we're definitely bigger fans of rock music than dance, I tried to make a mix that included both. So of course I've included standard clubbing songs like Robin Thicke and Dizzee Rascal, but I've also added my own twist to the mix by including rockier songs that always get me in the mood to go out dancing, Like All Time Low's I Feel Like Dancing and Good Charlotte's Like It's Her Birthday. This playlist wasn't as successful as it could have been. Ideally it fitted our Newcastle night out perfectly, especially since we ended up in the smokey basement of a VIP club dancing to club music. I actually put this on when we stayed at the Liverpool hotel in a desperate attempt to salvage the night. We'd hoped to have a night out then but it had rained whilst we were waiting for the guys so we were freezing cold and we'd driven a long, long LONG way that day and had actually ended up late to the venue so needless to say we weren't really feeling it. by 1am we were all passed out asleep in our onesies anyway but never mind, the effort was there haha!

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion,  Beauty and Lifestyle Blog: We Are The Maine Tour playlists; The Maine; Playlist; music; roadtrip; ultimate road trip songs;

This was one of my favourite playlists and just featured a bunch of songs that always inspire me to want to go on a road trip. I can listen to any of these songs and immediately think about speeding down an empty road, the windows rolled down and me and my friends singing loudly. This is exactly what we did when listening to this playlist (bar the windows rolled down bit because it was in the middle of November and freakin' freezing!) and it's nice to know that I can listen to these songs now and not just think about a road trip but actually be reminded of one, knowing that I finally got to go on one of my own.

And yes, I'm aware that this playlist has 50 songs. Oops. And even now I keep thinking of new songs to add, but that would be cheating..

So there we have it! My three playlists created for We Are The Maine Tour 2013 - our own personal sound track to our road trip around the UK :) I think each and every song featured had a place on this tour. Nothing will beat listening to Mayday Parade's Kids in Love whilst speeding through the countryside as the sun was setting slap bang in the middle of our trip. It was probably then that it hit me we were really doing it and I was finally fulfilling my dream!

What would your ultimate road trip playlists include? Let me know, I'd love to hear your suggestions!

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