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Sunday, 1 December 2013


IT'S CHRISTMAS! That's literally all I have to say in terms of an introduction for this's what I'm looking forward to this December!

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 The Book 
This is a tough one because most books have already been released in time for Christmas! Go into any bookstore to be faced with shelf upon shelf of sparkly eye catching and seasonal covers, all already released! However one book I am looking forward to is Here's Looking At You by Mhairi McFarlane. I LOVE a Christmas romance story and could never get bored of them, but perhaps Mhairi is on the right track by releasing a non-Christmassy book at this time of year. The cover stands out against all over seasonal books and it's refreshing to find a story that isn't based around Christmas. It tells the story of 30-something Anna, who bumps into an old friend from school. Despite being a real gentlemen, Anna wonders if he's really changed from who he used to be and whether or not it would be wise to trust him.. Here's Looking At You is set to be released on the 5th December and can be pre-ordered now.

 The Film(s) 

The two big films set to be released this December are Saving Mr Banks and Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Saving Mr Banks - staring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, is set to be the heart warming family film this Christmas. It tells the tale of Walt Disney trying to obtain the film rights to P. L Travers book, Mary Poppins. It also stars some big names such as Paul Giamatti and Colin Farrell, and is the type of film suitable for everyone to see this month. On the other hand, we've also finally got the Anchorman sequel! Comedy legend Will Farrell finally returns as Ron Burgundy alongside with the cast from the previous film reprising their hilarious roles! Definitely one to see with your friends, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues will have you laughing your heads off. It'll be released on the 18th December, whereas Saving Mr Banks is out now in the UK and will be released on 13th December in the US. Yes, I realize this means technically it's not a December release as I'm from the UK, but I've already written all of that now before realizing it's already released. Oops.

 The Album 
The Maine have already had more than enough success with their recent release of Forever Halloween earlier this year, but despite having just finished a tour around America and Europe, they've still found time to put together brand new material. For the first time ever, The Maine are set to release an acoustic EP of brand new songs, the first of which, Raining in Paris, was released on the 5th November. Imaginary Numbers is set to be released on the 10th of December and can be pre-ordered now, although at the moment it's already sold out! The boys will also be embarking on a short US tour - their first ever fully acoustic tour - amply named An Acoustic Evening with The Maine to celebrate the release of the EP. 

 Anything Else? 
I enjoyed doing a Christmas blogging challenge so much in the past that I've decided to take part in another one this Christmas! The 25 Days of Blogging Christmas Challenge will just feature 25 little prompts to keep me blogging throughout the month of December and will all be based around the subject of Christmas obviously. It's just a little bit of fun and I'll be posting my first post later this evening! I've also decided to take part in another challenge strictly for Instagram called Capturing December. You can check my progress or follow me here on Instagram if you like.

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