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Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Christmas is a great time of the year and I personally can't see how anyone can dislike it. You get to spend time with family, give and receive lots of awesome presents and just eat as much as you can without worrying because, after all, it is Christmas and that's your excuse. But it's always important to remember that Christmas is also about showing people how much you care and remembering how grateful you are. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a family this Christmas, or even somewhere to live. Sadly, there are people homeless and cold on the streets this Christmas, and people in other countries that are too poor or too sick to even think about this time of year.

It is a sad subject, but sometimes Christmas is a great time of year to get involved with making a change. Christmas is often when people need your help more than ever and I think it's always nice to at least do a little something for someone else this Christmas.

There are some great ways to get involved that don't take too much effort on your part and can also be something you can do as part of a family. Some of these are a great way to teach your children how important it is to give to charity or try and help others. Even if you're super busy this Christmas, some of these ideas barely take any time at all. And if you're wary about where your money goes when you give to charity and whether or not it actually helps someone directly, there are even some ideas that will make sure that people get the help they specifically need so you know your good intentions are going to the right place.

I think this is especially important with the recent allegations regarding donations to Comic Relief apparently being spent on tobacco, alcohol and arms firms. Too many people are wary about where their money will go when they donate so they do not donate at all, when little do they know there are other ways to get involved.

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Operation Christmas Child is something I was introduced to in college and still take part in now and again. Although their drop off points are now closed for this year, if you'd still like to take part you can give them a ring and see if there's any other way they can collect your shoe boxes. And you can now create a shoebox online for as little as £15! It's all very easy - you take an empty shoebox and fill it with little gifts aimed for either a boy or a girl and pick an age range too. Then you pack it with things like hygiene items, education items, toys, sweets etc. You then make a donation of at least £3, which will cover the shipping cost, then you can decorate your shoebox and drop it off at a drop off point. The shoe boxes all get sent to various different countries such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, Serbia and Bosnia so you can rest assure that your shoebox will definitely reach someone who appreciates it. You can even print out a unique bar code for your shoebox and at a later date find out where exactly yours has been delivered to!

It's a lovely idea and doesn't take much time up at all. If you're eager to get involved further, you can even apply to set up your own drop off point and get all the community involved. It's a great way to create it into a social event and many schools, colleges and churches often hold events to get everyone involved.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog: Get Involved this Christmas; Operation Christmas Child; World Vision; Must have gifts; Must have gifts world vision; charity

Must have gifts is another way to get involved but with minimal effort. Although you do spend money, rather then donating, you instead buy a gift which means you know exactly what your money is being spent on. You can purchase the gift yourself or on someone else's behalf which can also double up as a Christmas present for someone else. Gifts under £20 range from a TB screening for just £6, vital vitamins for £10 and a kid goat for £19 (how cute!). It's a great way to get involved with a charity directly and if you're not quite sure what you want for Christmas yourself this year, why not set up a wish list so family and friends can purchase a gift on your behalf?

Finally, another way to get really hands on is to create a care pack for a homeless person this winter. This can be done directly at anytime and you don't need the help of a charity. You can be as experimental as you like as well. If you've ever been worried about giving a homeless person money because you've heard it just gets spent on drugs or anything like that, then this is a great way to make sure that isn't the case. You can fill these care packs with anything from an old blanket, food, wipes, socks/clothes, mouthwash, gift cards to places like Starbucks so they can get a hot drink and even an address book of local services. It takes no time at all, especially if you've got lots of things hanging around your house anyway, like old gloves you don't wear anymore.

These are just three small ideas that can help you give back this Christmas and the second idea takes minimal effort on your part. I'd love to see and hear about some of you doing something similar this Christmas because trust me, even though it's not the reason for taking part, you will feel good about yourself afterwards.

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  1. I was going to get involved with Operation Christmas Child until I found out that they're a fundamentalist Christian organisation and their aim is to convert children to Christianity. They put religious propaganda inside every box. It's something I totally disagree with, especially as many of the countries they send to are predominantly other religions. There's loads of other controversy too:



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