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Monday, 16 December 2013


The Tuesday before last I was lucky enough to attend ASOS's Christmas party, which was another amazing opportunity with #AccessAllAsos. I was extremely excited because a) it was my first Christmas party of the year and b) it was my first ever blogger/industry Christmas party! I couldn't wait to go and get my Christmas spirit on, but first up was deciding what to wear.

I definitely decided to go with a dress since it was a Christmas party after all, but this was going to be tough since I'd be getting the train into London and it's the middle of winter. I decided to wear my green H&M dress paired with tights and my flats for the journey (I changed into my heels once I was there). I was very tempted to wear a corny Christmas jumper and kind of wished I had once I arrived and saw a few people rocking some awesome cliche ones, but I don't yet own one. I know, there's no excuses.

Luckily ASOS have a fab range in at the moment which we got to have a mooch through when we arrived. They were displaying their Christmas collection which included lots of corny cliche Christmas jumpers, lots of sequins and studs and also some really cool individual pieces from sellers that use the ASOS Marketplace. We definitely loved having a mooch through all the party wear.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog; AccessAllAsos; Access All Asos; Blogger Event
Upon our arrival we were also greeted with some yummy Christmas drinks - there was the yummiest mulled wine ever and I pretty much stuck to this the whole night. I think this year I've really discovered my love for the stuff.

There was lots of going on with ladies offering to do our nails really cute Christmas style and a free beauty pick & mix where we could stock up on some essentials. There was even Santa! I wasn't sure whether to expect a young hot half naked model or an old man for this, but we got the real thing! He determined whether we were naughty or nice before giving us a gift based on his decision (apparently I'm nice but have the potential to be naughty as I have that naughty glint in my eye, haha! Thanks Santa!).
Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog; AccessAllAsos; Access All Asos; Santa; Blogger Event
Meeting Santa with some of the lovely ladies I met
The best part was just mingling and meeting everyone though. Everyone was so friendly and what I really enjoy about events like this is whether you're a blogger or you work on PR, you always have something in common. I suppose it's kind of just the whole online networking thing - a lot of us had already spoken via Twitter and it was no surprise that when you come from this industry that you no doubt all have similar interests. It was great that it wasn't just bloggers too so I got to meet a variety of different people and may I say that the staff at ASOS are also really, really friendly. They didn't just greet us and ask if everything was okay, they repeatedly came up to us to have a chat or asked us what we thought of the collection, whether we blogged or not and if so what we blogged about etc.

It was great because it felt like a big meet up/casual networking opportunity all rolled into one Christmas party, complete with a never ending supply of mulled wine and a slightly pervy Santa - which I guess is exactly what a Christmas party should be!

I had a really lovely time so thanks for the invite #AccessAllAsos!
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