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Thursday, 14 November 2013


Hello everyone! I'm Bex and I blog over at Futures. I've been friends with Lou for a while now and if there is one thing that is apparent, it would seem we are one and the same person. Both us and our friend Lisa have the same taste in pretty much everything, we are pretty much identical in every way - especially music.
The idea for this post came to me whilst washing up (glamorous, I know) when I was listening to some of my old music. I thought what better guest post to do for Lou than my top 10 songs from when I was younger. I was very much a 'greebo' when I was younger and listened to a lot of rock, heavy metal and pop punk. Here is my rundown of my top 10..
10. Dead On Arrival by Fall Out Boy
My friend Kaye introduced me to Fall Out Boy with this song and it led to a long term love affair. I'm not really a fan of their new stuff but I still love the old ones!
9. Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park
My favourite Linkin Park song ever. There is just something about the lyrics and Chester Bennington's voice that I love.
8. A Decade Under The Influence by Taking Back Sunday
Oh, Adam Lazzara, you beautiful man! I definitely had a TBS phase and this was one of my favourite songs during this time. I was never a huge fan but they did some pretty great songs.
7. I'm Not Okay, I Promise by My Chemical Romance
I loved the whole Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge but this was my favourite by a mile - I can't even tell you why because I don't know.
6. Vermilion Part 2 by Slipknot
My partner hates Slipknot but I played him this song once and he thought it was beautiful - listen to it, it truly is!
5. Letters To You by Finch
'I'm writing again, these letters to you'
Beautiful lyrics, need anything else be said?
4. I Wish I Was A Girl by Violent Delight
Not many people remember this band but they hailed from my town and two of them actually went to my school (as well as Paul from S Club 7 - amazing, I know >.<). This song is quite funny and it always used to annoy my parents!
3. 7 Weeks by Inme
I still have to sing along when I hear this! It does remind me of a time of life that I'd rather forget but hey, I came out with Inme on the other side! Score. 
2. Work by Jimmy Eat World
This might surprise Lou by not being number 1 as I adore Jimmy Eat World, especially this song. My blog is even named after one of their songs! This song is so beautiful and really deserves more recognition.
1. Hold On by Good Charlotte
This song was mine and my best friends song when we were both going through a really tough time. The lyrics meant so much to us then and when I was listening to it earlier, I realised how true they are.. 
Hold on, if you feel like letting go. Hold on, it gets better than you know 
This is so true for us. We are both engaged to amazing men, I have Jack and her baby is due in January..our lives are so much better now and this song will always mean so much to me.
What are your top 10 songs?
Thanks for this Bex! I have to agree, Bex and Lisa are like my musical soulmates, the songs listed here bring back so many memories! Letters To You by Finch will always remind me of being 17 and dating, whereas Work by Jimmy Eat World is such a personal favourite of mine that I plan to get some lyrics from the song tattoo'd one day. It's funny to think we have such similar music taste yet have never actually been to a gig together yet! We have to change that soon! Again, thanks a bunch Bex :) - Lou x

P.S Wondering where I've gone? Check this post here for the update, or go ahead and follow my adventures via We Are The Maine Tour.

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