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Sunday, 10 November 2013


Confessions of a Hostie, and it's sequel, More Confessions of a Hostie: The Second Sector is one of those books that you don't expect to like so much. You expect to like it, but it exeeds your expectations and is even better then you thought it would be. I have to admit, it isn't my usual type of book, but always being one to stay open minded when it comes to reading it, I'm glad I gave it a chance.

More Confessions of a Hostie: The Second Sector and it's prequel is all about exactly what the title suggests - the confessions of an air hostess (suppresses urge to listen to Busted's Air Hostess when writing this review). I've always thought an air hostess seemed like a fairly glamourous job. Probably not the most glamorous, but fairly easy going with the added bonus of the obvious travel perks.

I was wrong. This book was shocking. It was funny, surprising and even a little moving too to hear about all the different things that can and does happen on a flight.

The blurb reads -

Planes travel fast; for airline crew, good gossip travels faster. In this sequel to bestselling "Confessions of a Hostie", international flight attendant Danielle Hugh entertains and shocks in equal measure with more turbulent tales of life in the sky. Intense shopping, jetlag, poltergeist passengers, mile-high-club contenders and sick bags all put in an appearance, as do Danielle's 'earthling' boyfriend, Dean, her best friend, Helen, and her promiscuous fellow hostie, Mary-go-round. So, fasten your seatbelts, ensure your seat is fully upright, your tray-table stowed and join Danielle on her (sometimes) glamorous journey through life and relationships high above the clouds.

If you've ever wondered what being an air hostess is REALLY like, no holds barred, then this is the book to read. From passengers getting drunk, peeing their pants, being sick on themselves and passing out to being stranded in the middle of Frankfurt at Christmas with a suitcase packed only for hot weather, the 'glamourous' life of a hostie really does add up to complete opposites.

These books taught me that it's a lot more hard work then you think and that people can be a lot more disgusting than you'd ever imagined. Some of these confessions had me feeling slightly worried for our human race. Still, every book has a happy ending and it goes to show that even the toughest of jobs have their good points too. It seems the good makes up for the bad and that sometimes the bad can even be a blessing in disguise. Some of the confessions were startling, but Danielle Hugh explains that there's something positive in even the worst of some of these encounters because at least she's helping people at the end of the day.

And, of course, the good outweighs the bad by far. I'd put up with almost anything to experience some of the things Danielle has and I'm not just referring to her trips to some of the best shopping locations in the world. Let's face it, we all wish we could travel around and do what she does, but few of us would be willing to put up with the tough parts to get there. It's not just the flights from hell that put pressure on her job; I discovered in this book that it's also lack of sleep, time at home or any time to yourself. As much as I'd love to visit some of the places mentioned, I can't quite say I'd be willing to survive on so little time at home in what would seem like a constant zombie-like state.

All in all I really liked this book. It was a lovely light read and there was something personal about the way Danielle spoke to me throughout the book. Like someone said on Amazon, it didn't feel like I was reading a book - it felt like I was just sharing coffee with a friend, listening to loads of juicy gossip.

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You can buy Confessions of a Hostie: The Second Sector on Amazon now.

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